Friday, August 12

Classroom Post & First Day Update!

So over the course of the past couple of years I've had my personal blog I've never shared my classroom or teaching items on here. I like to keep it separate! But, I've seen some cute teaching posts, so I thought I'd add in mine as well.

This year I'll enter my 7th year as a 4th grade teacher at the same elementary school! Lots of changes have happened over the past 7 years; including how I decorate my classroom.  When I first started {and a few years after} I would go overload on the posters, pre-mades, etc. in the room.  I would hang just about anything and everything from the ceiling by the tiles or cute laundry strings.  I even had the kids decorate ceiling tiles with walk-along books. But since then, we've {for some reason} adopted the fire code more decorating the entire door with paper, nothing can be hung from the ceiling, and nothing too high on the walls.  Sounds kind of crazy when you look at all the other schools who still are able to do it, but oh well! I do miss the sweet things hanging from the ceiling, but it's easier for me I guess to not change them!

Anywho, this year, I decided that with my current state, I would just keep up with the same theme of polka dots and leave my organization pretty much the same since it worked well last year. Some may say that's lazy, but hey, if it worked, why reinvent the wheel?! I also didn't feel like spending $300+ this year...but of course I've still spent at least $100 if not more, but I call that pretty reasonable! So basically, everything you are going to see in the pictures are items I've had for a couple of years. 

I organized my Bookworm Cafe {library} by Lexile levels about 2 years ago and then organized the other non-chapter books by genre.  This works really well with the older kids.  They also have a check-out station that I usually let them start about 4 weeks into school after LOTS of practive and modeling.  I'm kind of an OCD teacher when it comes to things being put back into their place, so I have to make sure they are ready before we begin! The AR {accelerated reader} books are also labeled with orange stickers I wrote AR on. 

I also always start out in rows.  I don't love rows, but rows promote less talking - and that's what I need in the beginning of school to get their behaviors ready.  Then we slowly move to tables and usually stay in different table groups throughout the year. I also like to write their names on the desks in cute font with a sharpie.  I don't do the big name plates.  I can't stand the 'picking' at the tape or the corners, or the dirty edge it leaves after part of it comes off! I know...I am crazy!
Before Pics:

Thanks to my sweet hubby on his lunch break and my teammate's boyfriend; they were able to get all my boxes down for me so I wouldn't be breaking any weight rules!

And here's my room after about 5 days of work! Of course, it's never totally finished...but it is ready for Day 1 of school on Thursday!

Bookworm Cafe:
{class library, calendar math, small group area}

Student Computers:
{Lexia, SuccessMaker, mailboxes, community items}

{student hooks, mini-group lessons, white boards}

My Area and Desk:
{didn't get a pic of the whiteboard/smartboard/small group board; and the cords drive me insane!}

Sink Area! so useful!

First Day Update:
School went great today! I got to school extra early just to be sure everything was ready for all the little ones! A few kids were a little timid; especially since parents were allowed to walk their kids to the classrooms today ~ but in no time they were all smiles! The first day is always so fun because you get to do FUN things like get-to-know-you activities and community building activities.  We had a great day and I already started to get to know a lot of the personalities in my room. I definitely think I will have a bit of a chatty class, but they will certainly be a fun mix of kids! I truly enjoyed being back in the room with them and hearing sweet little "Mrs. Burton..." questions or stories.  I felt great today even with the lack of sleep and I felt good in what I was wearing {doesn't that always make such a difference?!}.  I wore flats for probably the first time that was a little weird, but quite comfy on the big feet! So, way to go Day #1! I'm looking forward to Day #2...and the weekend! haha :)
Oh, I have to share one cute story from today: 
Early in the morning a little boy raised his hand and said, "I want to ask you something but my Momma told me I should never ask this...but I want to know, so can I ask?"  I immediately knew it was about my belly! ha! So I said sure and this was his question: "Well, do you have a baby in that belly or do you just have a big belly?" HAHA The other kids were wide-eyed looking around but I just laughed a lot and explained that yes, there was a baby in there and yes, his Momma taught him right to not ask those things! Too cute!

of course, I will not be writing about my school day or my kids much because I don't find it appropriate to write about on my personal blog! :)


  1. I can't believe you guys start so early! We start in early September! But I love this post.... it makes me so excited for my first day! So glad it went well :)

  2. Happy 1st day of school! I still have 3 weeks and cherishing every moment. I do enjoy the 1st day back. Everyone is so excited and the energy is so positive.

  3. Glad you had a good first day! This class will be so special to you because they will LOVE Harper :)

  4. looks so neat and clean! You are making me want to organize!
    I love the paisley die cuts-- where in the world did you find those??


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