Wednesday, August 3


I'm finally linking up with Jamie again for WILW! I haven't in a while!

I'm LOVING that I got to meet hubby for lunch at one of my favorite downtown places - Stella's! It's all KY-grown food. I had the Revro burger which has a fried green tomato on it! YUM!

I'm LOVING that my classroom is *almost* done...well because rooms are never really done no matter which house they are in! But, I only spent about 1/4 of the money I usually that part I'm really loving!

I'm LOVING that during lunch with the hubby, he surprised me with a present! a 105 min. mani-pedi spa treatment from Baby Belly Spa! I'm excited to book that after the first week of school for my sausage toes! haha
{it's today's Groupon if you live in my town!}

I'm LOVING that I still have a few days before school starts back to rest!

I'm LOVING that it rained today to help cool things off for a bit and help our grass!

I'm LOVING that my husband just now texted me and said he invited someone over for dinner. Gotta go clean and find food to cook! {HA!}



  1. Your blog is just adorable! :) And your maternity photos are beautiful!! I'm a new follower. Have a great Wednesday! :)

  2. Your hubby sounds super sweet! Enjoy the Belly Spa...sounds relaxing for those sometimes uncomfortable pregnant days. I started following last wednesday and am just loving your blog! Have a great evening!


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