Saturday, September 17

2 Weeks 'till D-Day!

EEK! EEK! EEK! Can you believe it?! Ok, I cannot! I am 38 weeks PREGNANT!!! I've been pregnant for almost 10 months!! So crazy!!!!

OK, I'm sorry for this nasty pic! It was taken at 37 weeks 6 days at 6:15 AM! haha And do you love how nasty my mirror is?! Sorry about that. :) My face looks scary as well b/c I was shocked to see that my NOSE has now expanded I think! But, it was a good shot of the round belly! :)

Here's some things I'm LOVING about it this past week:
1. My little family of 2 is about to become a family of 3!!
2. People are seriously so sweet! I have tons of people tell me that I'm a "cute pregnant girl" or "you must only be 6 months along" and although they are probably lying through their sure does feel GOOD to hear this far into the game!
3. We've got all the baby things up and ready for Harper around the house! It is sooo fun to look at the pack-n-play and the diapers and wipes in the living room!
4. I'm relishing in her kicks and tumbles every day {and night!} because pretty soon I won't be feeling those anymore...I'll be SEEING them!
5. We just have no clue when she's coming! My weekly appointments have been GREAT so far...good levels, great blood pressure, and heartbeat has been great. So the doctors have been telling me it's better to just let her stay and 'cook' rather than induce me at this point because she's happy inside! :) So, who knows when she will come!! We don't!
6. My dreams! I've been having the funniest dreams lately. They are of my our little girl after she's born. I never dream of the actual birth (yay i think) but she's always a but older than she should be and she's smiling and so happy. I sure hope we have a happy baby!
7. I just keep looking at my packed bags wondering!!!! They are all ready to go!

HA! I jinxed myself dangit! I did not sleep this week. I also like to now go back to puking in the night, thanks to my heartburn!! Ahh well!

Weight: no change
Clothes: I'm running out of things to fit me! Luckily, although we have cooler temps, I believe flip-flops are still ok. And if they aren't...well... my chubby feet can't fit into my boat shoes, tennis shoes, or any other closed toed shoes and I'm not about to purchase them for 2 WEEKS left! :)

Mood: Sooo tired from working and being on-the-go-non-stop, but I'm making it!! My students of course have no clue they have a zombie for a teacher, because I don't let them see that side of me! {you're welcome kids...wish I could tell them that! ha!}

Baby: Baby is still measuring like a watermelon! No wonder she's so stinking heavy to carry around! Her weight could be about 7 lbs now and about 20 inches long. We shall soon see I guess! Do you think we'll have a little baby, an average baby, or a big baby? I was 4-5 lbs and Brian was I think around 9lbs! Hmm... I was also 4 weeks early, though.  Her skin color has now changed from pink to white! All things are clear to go and she's ready to enter into the world!

As always, thanks for reading and following us! :)


  1. You look great! I feel your pain with the flip flops! After you have her, you'll wake up one day and see normal feet! It's amazing! LoL! It will also be amazing to see her kicks and punches in real life, you'll think, I know that move! And I think Harper will be in the 6 lb range maybe 7 but I think she'll be petite. Good luck! It could really be any time!

  2. thank you Ashley! All your sweet photos of Walker make me SO excited!! :)

  3. Yay!!! She is so close to coming!!!! I am so excited!!!

  4. So exciting!!!! And you look great!!!!

  5. People aren't lying - you ARE super cute! Can't wait to hear of Harper's arrival... She will completely change your world in so many good ways!


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