Sunday, September 18

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well folks, my weekends just aren't what they used to be. :)

Friday night I took Brian on a date! Well, I planned the night for us, so he was happy to not make the decisions.  We went to Nick Ryan's Saloon and sat on the patio {such great Fall weather!}. We've been there once before for drinks, but never to eat. OH MY WORD. No need to ever go there again. It was seriously one of the worst places for service and food I've ever been to. Don't get me wrong, Brian and I enjoyed our conversations that took place during the 55 minutes it took to bring us our food, but at some got ridiculous! I think they were pissed I only ordered water because they'd never bring me a 'real' glass and I had to drink out of those tiny water glasses, which they never filled up. Poor Brian couldn't get a drink to save his life! I also went out on a limb and ordered a steak.  That sounds silly to say, but I don't usually like to order steaks because they are so expensive {ha, I know, I'm cheap} but I did it. It was sooo nasty. I was so sad and disappointed... Oh well! But like I said, the conversations were great.  We reminisced a lot during the night about the pregnancy, the funny/awful moments from the beginning with me being sick and the fridge stuff and everything, and our awesome Asheville trip {where we decided to get on the baby train...}. It was wonderful to have a date night!!

Saturday we slept in a little and then went our separate ways.  Brian tailgated for the big UK/UofL game. I was so jealous! I just knew that my body could not take the walking, standing, and heat all day/night. But I really was sad thinking about how fun our town and tailgates get during this rivalry game! My Mom did come pick me up for a while and 'chauffered' me around taking things back and getting a few last minute needed items for the baby. I spent the rest of my Saturday night working on lessons plans and watching Sex & the City. Please try to not be jealous! :)

On Sunday we met Mom and Dad at Cracker Barrel. Then we started on some major prep again for baby! Brian and I {ok, mostly Brian} put together the car seats and the mirrors for the backseats! We also got my little jeep a nice cleaning on the inside to bring baby home in! Wha-La! How nice is it to have that done? Poor truck has never seen a vacuum! Then we worked on getting things out of the way in the garage so I could easily get the car seat in and out!  That night we invited our life group to come with us on our weekly "No More Sunday Night Blues" date and we went to a new place, The Local Taco. YUMMO! It was delicious! It's downtown right in the heart of the college kids {hehe} and it was delicious! Super cheap and super yummy!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!!!

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  1. so glad you are having a good time in the last few weeks before harper comes! :)

  2. im a new follower here, saw you featured on "a girl with pearls". Congrats on your soon to arrive new addition! I adore the name harper :)


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