Sunday, September 11

37 weeks Down!

The weeks are just flying by now!! :)

*thanks for all the very sweet comments on the nursery!! i really appreciate it!
Pregnancy Highlights:
Size: still a large watermelon! baby could be 7+ lbs.  Unfortunately, I do not get another ultrasound before the baby {but this is actually a good sign b/c it means there's no foreseen problems!} but the doc did measure me and I'm still measuring perfectly with my weeks, so my due date is still right on Oct. 1!
{ps-I tried to get Brian to walk around holding a watermelon for a day so he'd know what it felt like, but he wouldn't! hahaha}

Weight: no change this week from last week!

What's baby up to: Baby is shedding the skin-protecting vernix.  She's also producing surfactant (??) which prevents the air sacs in the lungs from sticking to each other when baby begins to breathe - which could be very soon!

Sleep: Actually, much to my surprise it's kind of getting better! I think I'm back to the 'hibernating' stage because I am taking naps almost every day! I take a 15-30 min. nap almost every day after work and the weekend is my haven! I slept a lot this weekend and it was wonderful!

Hubby and I are really trying to enjoy this time together and savor the moments of the 2 of us.  We stuck to our plans of not-making-plans and were still able to see friends last minute and do fun things! It's just easier that way right now! We went to BW3's to watch football games on Saturday night and saw 2 tiny babies out there around 8:00. It gave us hope that we can get out once our baby comes too! Is that totally unrealistic?!

I'm also getting pretty nostalgic I think about my pregnancy! I cannot believe we are getting so close to the end.  I know I can't wait to meet our little girl, but I know that I will really, really miss feeling her kicking and movements and knowing that she's safe and sound inside me!!

Did anyone else feel this way, too? I'm just really trying to enjoy these next few weeks of pregnancy!


  1. We take Walker everywhere and I think he's such a good baby because he's learned to go with the flow. He's on a great schedule but his world doesn't stop if he has to nap in the car or go to bed later every now and then. I'm still learning, But I definitely think flexibility is the key. We like to go out too and I feel like if I thought we could never be out past 7:00 again, we would go crazy. Just my opinion though! Also I miss Walker's kicks sometimes too but holding him in my arms is 100 times better. And walker came at 37 weeks so little miss Harper could really come at any time!

  2. Too funny! We took Collins to BW3's within the first month or so. I was craving wings and Collins just slept through it all! When they are little they sleepp all the time so you never really mess up their schedule! Now, that he's 7 months and on a pretty good schedule I just put him to bed right at 8 wherever we are (out to eat, at mom's). I totally agree with the post above on being flexible and taking the babies everywhere. Collins LOVES people and he just comes along! He is SUPER heavy in his carseat, but I make it work!! May have to get that cute carseat pad I saw that you got!! They didn't have that when Collins was born!!! :)

    And, about wanting her to stay in your belly, I totally felt that same way. When you see that first smile you will's the best. I know when he's 16 and going on his first date I'll be wanting to tuck him back in my safe belly then too. Same thing when he starts driving.....

    Praying, praying, praying for you both. :)


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