Saturday, September 10

Welcome to Harper Alan's Nursery...

Ever since I found out I was pregnant {ok, way before that:) } I've been dreaming of what and how I would decorate a nursery; boy or girl.  Much to my dismay, I decided to forgo my signature pink and green style {with paisley of course} to go with what I thought to be a lesser known route for a baby girl's room.  Brian was excited for the use of purple, too, as he had just gone through a total pink and green wedding not too long ago. :)

My ideas and wants changed throughout the process, but in the end, we got exactly what we wanted.  Brian and I are very similar in our tastes, which helps a lot I would assume.  We both didn't want a room to look too much like a 'baby' even though it is for a baby.  We both aren't in to characters, but more designs and layers.  So, in looking for pre-made bedding that is actually affordable to us, that seemed to be a problem! However, we finally found what we were looking for! :) (and generously received it as gifts from MIL and Mom) We also wanted the look of a simple, serene, and calm bedroom without lots of clutter, stuffed animals, and just plain stuff!

Lastly, I realize if you've been following my blog for a while, you've seen the other rooms we've done...well...let's just say we really like stripes in this household {but the other ones are vertical!} and wall decals {hehe}! :) Thanks to my awesome hubby for painting the entire room himself!!

So, here are the pictures of the nursery...I hope you like!

Entering into her Room...

birth announcement that will be on the hospital door as well

we plan to put a large canvas of a newborn picture on the polka dot wall

our crib sheet just came in! I wanted to snap a picture before we took the bumper apart and put on the sheet again...

I love the whimsy window treatments

i LOVE my chair! soo comfortable!

love the little girl H charm

love these...from Baby Bundles Lexington

hats box, headband box, and misc. box
We are so pleased with her room!
So, not everything was exactly like I had once planned it to be, I think the room really came together well.  I often find myself or Brian in the room just looking around and walking around. We are so pleased with how everything turned out!! I love how everything is new and perfect awaiting her arrival.  Someone once said the first baby's room should be the nicest in your house...well, I don't know if it's the nicest, but it certainly has taken the most time and thought out of all the other rooms!

Credits:Bedding: The Land of, With a Flourish green and lavender
Furniture: Baby Cache Essentials Curved Convertible Crib, Dresser, Chest
Paint: Sherwin Williams "perfect match" paint matched to bedding
Sherwin Williams White
(we also got the green color but decided to not use it)
Stripes: Hubby and lots of Frog Tape :)
Vinyl Polka Dots: I actually made these...tutorial coming soon maybe?!
Wall Decal:
Large Sock Monkey: gift from my Aunt :)
Book Basket: Michael's, books inside have all been gifts, along with the bunny from the book How Much I Love YouChandelier: Made by yours truly :)
Rocking Chair: Storytime Series SAMI chair, green gingham fabric
Chair pillow: Made my by MIL :)
Window Treatments: Target, white rod - Wal-Mart
Harper Sign and Birth Announcement: custom made
Diaper Basket: The Land of, With A Flourish green
Picture Frames: all have been gifts
Lamp: Target lamp, monogrammed
Bow Holders: gift, wreath from gender reveal party
Mirror: already had and we liked the round on the striped wall so we decided to use


  1. I love it! So girly and unique!

  2. Adorable! I'm not into the whole character themes either. We ended up doing a more modern looking room with light blue, sage, chocolate, and tan - stripes and polka dots. I'm sure Harper will love her room :) Great job, Megan!

  3. Wow! I'm loving every detail of her room:) Great job!

  4. Very pretty and feminine. My favorite part is the polka dots! Now all you need is Baby Harper!

  5. Everything looks absolutely perfect for sweet baby Harper! :) I love the purple!

  6. the nursery turned out beautiful. it looks great, I love the polka dot & stripped wall.

    Joeylee @ Sweet N Sassy Girls

  7. LOVE the bedding! The room looks great!

  8. Room looks great!!! I love it =)

  9. So pretty!!! Purple and green are my absolute favorite colors :) I love it!

  10. it looks great! your style is shinin through! I LOVE that big monkey! :)

  11. love it. We had stripes in C's nursery. Good Job Brian!! Love the bedding and the wall decal. Did you make the Harper canvas? It is cute too. Not too much longer and there will be something even cuter in that room!! So glad it all came in so you could share!

  12. I totally agree on the characters thing! We went lavender in L's nursery too and loved it. Everything is absolutely perfect, just one more sign that she will be here any day and you'll be ready!!

    Oh, and I was nostalgic towards the end of my last pregnancy too, I remember after she was born I kept rubbing my belly trying to feel for her and then would feel a little foolish!

  13. I absolutely LOVE this! Everything looks perfect from the colors, wall decal, birth announcement, you guys have done a fabulous job!

  14. You're nursery is gorgeous :) love the lavender!!! and We use the calming giraffe in the crib with our Harper and she loves it! It definitely helps get to sleep :)


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