Monday, September 5

Labor Day Weekend!

We had such a wonderful 3 days off from work! I wish every work week could end with 3 days off!! :)

On Friday, we went to Amanda's for a Birthday Cookout! It was fun but blazing outside, so we ended up sitting in the nice A/C!! They had yummy food and a great dessert her Mom made. Yum! :)
yes, i'm huge while i have skinny friends. not.fair.

Saturday we had planned to go to the Bluegrass Festival in Louisville since we were already headed that way for Saturday night, but alas, the 104 degree temps made the decision to not go for us. :( I was sad we couldn't but Brian was very understanding that there was just no way my new-normal swollen feet could not handle the heat, plus we both had our allergies working up, so we ended up working on things around the house and in the baby's room in the morning.  We did go up a little early to Louisville to walk around the mall and of course Harper got 3 outfits from The Children's Place for the Spring! :) Brian even picked one entire outfit out himself. He was so proud! {boot cut jeans and a little purple plaid/stripe shirt}
we also stopped by b's new work so he could show me his first office! :) so proud of you!
Saturday night we met up with Mandy & Brian and Jamie & Adam at the Cheesecake Factory about a hour and a half away!! I was so excited for this! Mandy and I had actually been trying to plan this since last March! The whole college group was invited but most people had other plans. :)  We had such a good time with the other couples! The food and the cheesecake were delicious!! I was so sad I didn't get a picture from the night! :( It was Brian's first time there and he loved it! So hopefully it won't be so long until the next time we make it there!
{I had the Reese's Fudge Peanut Butter Carmel Cheesecake and B had the Cookie Dough Cheesecake}

On Sunday after church and lunch, Brian went to play golf before the storms hit and I just hung out at home working on sub plans and watching movies. :) We were so lazy on Sunday and it was so nice!!

Monday we slept in for a long time for us! yay! Then we met our friends Allison, Yancey, and their daughter Nola for lunch at a new-ish place, Copper River.  Brian then indulged me in some Labor Day shopping sales at Gymboree and Carter's. :) Harper only got a few things...he was not in the least bit impressed with Carter's.  Do you have a store you like to buy from a lot? I loved a lot of things in Gymboree!  I seem to like a lot of Mudpie, Little English, and Anavini. 

I've also decided to try my hand at making hair bows.  I went to Hobby Lobby and got a few roles of ribbon and some clips.  But, I've been searching online for a free tutorial and can't seem to find the kind I want.  I like the big 'boutique' bows that have lots of layers.  Anyone know of a good site to go to? I just want to try it and see if I can make anything decent before spending even more on bows...they are expensive!! $12-$14 a pair?!?

We had a great weekend, but alas, I've finally decided that after this weekend, I am not going to make ahead-of-time plans...or at least I'm going to try not to. :) It will be really hard for us because we love having things to look forward to through the week, but I am getting so worn out from work that I am going to try really hard not to over-do it! I hope my friends will understand!! We may just be last-minute kind of people for the next few weeks!

Hope your weekend was fabulous and that you enjoy your 4 day work week!!


  1. Love Little English too! Just wait until their warehouse sales. GOOD STUFF. There is a store here in Gtown called Seeds and Saplings. It has botique items and they are super cute. Today was the the last day of the summer 75% off sale but there will always be another one. Oh yea- LilyBugs consignment sale is coming to Gtown in a few weeks. You will want to come shop! They always have good stuff. I can't wait to shop the girl's side this year!!

  2. I like Gymboree but my ultimate favorite is Baby Gap, I love, love, love their stuff. I also actually really like Carters for comfy clothes. When we are just hanging around or for the babysitters, etc. the Carter's stuff is perfect because it's so soft, and its not expensive so it's no big deal if it gets pooped on or spit up on! LoL!

  3. Oh NEWS FLASH!!! Tomorrow is the end of the sesaon 75% off sale at Seeds and Saplings!! It is right downtown Gtown and if you are up to it you should so go!! Super cute stuff for your girl for next summer! :)

  4. You look A-dorable! :) I'm sure you are so excited watching these last few days/weeks go by... I can't wait to see photos of Miss Harper!


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