Sunday, September 4

36 Weeks and 1 Day!

Wow! We're moving right along!
Pregnancy Highlights:
Watermelon! Whoa! She could weigh around 6.5 lbs! I sure hope I get another U/S before it's time just to know what I'm in for. :)

What's Going On: Luckily, according to the What to Expect app., since we are technically into week 37, I am considered full-term and it would be ok if Harper came any day now! So, since baby is considered full term, she's close to being able to breathe on her own once out.  She's currently practicing inhaling and exhaling, sucking on her thumb {I wish I could see this!!}, and swinging from one side to another in my belly! Which I can see kind of and feel!

Weight: +1

How am I feeling: I've got lots of not-so-fun things going on...but I'm a tough girl and it's only a bit longer! Pregnancy is really tough in any stage; and as much as you try to understand, I've come to realize others just don't because everyone is different.  So, today, I don't feel the need to list any of it! I am just glad things are going well still!

Weekly Appt.'s: We've been going to our OB appts weekly now.  I enjoy being able to hear the heartbeat each week, but some of the tests they are doing are not fun - very uncomfortable! haha! My doctor and I have been going back and forth about being induced the last week before my due date.  I very much do not want to do this, but he kind of does.  I just really want him to be my doctor when the time comes, and he can't exactly guarantee me this - which I knew going in. But, I am just really hoping he is! Every week I remind him how I need him to be with me since he's so calm and I'm so not!

Nursery Update: So the nursery has been completely finished for about a week.  This means even her closet is finished, the pictures are up, etc.  There's just one thing that isn't in yet - her changing pad cover.  I have another one, but the one that matches the bedding still isn't in (it was on back order).  So I was really wanting to wait and share the nursery once it was COMPLETELY finished and nothing left to, I think I'll wait a few more days and then if it's not in I will show! I know my out-of-town family is really wanting to see it!!!

We are getting SO anxious to meet our sweet little girl!!!! My family has all placed their bets on when she will arrive...can't wait to see who wins!! {I hope it's not my sister...she said 3 days late!!}


  1. Full Term! You are so, so close! I completely get what you are saying about the not fun things in pregnancy, and sometimes there is just so much you have to keep to yourself. I think I would lose friends if I was too candid about it all :) Can't wait to see the nursery, I bet it is perfect in every way!

  2. If it means anything to you, I was induced with both girls so my doctor could be the one delivering them (and so my family could be in town). Both experiences were great and I'll do it again someday in the future!

  3. Jenn, that does make me feel better! I'm just so scared to be induced for some reason!! :)


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