Friday, October 7

I confess.... {dazed and confused style}

Been a while since I posted a Friday Confessional, so I thought while I have a second I'll put my thoughts into a post...
and of course I had to add a cute picture of Harper :)
I confess...being a Mommy is a LOT harder than I thought! I had no idea how unpredictable it is these first few days.

I confess...I've been home for only 2 days flying solo and I am SO thankful tomorrow is Saturday and Daddy can be home to help me!

I confess...I tried to make dinner for hubby and I yesterday to show him I could be super-wife and super-mom on our first solo day...that only led to a yummy dinner and a stressed out/no sleep Mommy.

I I finally listened to my Mom and slept while Harper slept and said the thank-you notes will have to wait.

I confess...I think Harper is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I confess...I tried to make a deal with God around 5am today after Harper had been screaming for 2 straight hours.  I am not sure if the deal was made, but she finally stopped at 6. :)

I confess...I feel like I'm a horrible friend! I haven't called anyone back or checked on anyone because I'm too tired to talk on the phone.

I confess...I cannot wait for next week (even though I don't want to wish the weeks by too fast) to be finally have my OB clear me to take a walk!

I confess...I started BabyWise today and I sure hope it works for tonight's sleep! I'm scared of the night now!

Hope you're having a great Friday!

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  1. Harper is beautiful! It will get easier.

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  2. Harper is darling! you will get the hang if the whole mommy thing, but don't stress yourself out trying to do everything, let the hubz make mac and cheese for a few nights.

  3. megan-- i love reading your posts-- it makes me feel more prepared for whats to come! i can't wait to hear your birth story!

  4. Don't try to do too much! It does get easier- PROMISE!!! Forget dinner. Brain can eat cereal for a month or so! ha! Good thing my 3 year old likes cold hot dogs... :)
    We did BabyWise with C, but have not tried it with the duo yet. Still getting the hang of feeding them both on same schedule. :)
    She is super cute and like Becky, I am excited to hear the birth story.

  5. Yes to BabyWise! It really does work. I will say though, if you're anything like me, you will want to follow it so badly and then wonder why Harper doesn't comply... just remember- she hasn't read the book and doesn't know what's going on yet! Cut yourself some slack and just try to focus on the eat/wake/sleep cycle... a solid schedule will happen around 6-8 weeks. ENJOY all that preciousness!

  6. She is just precious!! Just take it one day at a time... Everything will get easier, and you and Miss H will find your groove :) I hope you have a great weekend with Daddy's help!

  7. I think all of your confessions are right on par for the first weeks at home. :) Enjoy your weekend and please keep us updated on BabyWise!

  8. So cute!!!!Also, I thought you mom's may be interested in the newest kids craze in my town, Patch Hats! Check out a hat you have never seen before here at

  9. Sounds about right! L never really caught onto babywise, hoping for a different outcome with Abbott. I hope Harper falls quickly into a schedule for you. And don't worry about being super anything, I am sure you ALREADY are and Brian couldn't appreciate you more no matter what you complete in a day! You look great by the way in your pics on FB!


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