Monday, October 10

Baby, BabyWise, Momma Updates

While I've got Daddy home for another day (praise Jesus!) I thought I'd write down some quick updates on our 11 day old! {it only took me all day to do it! ha!}
can we say sleep deprived?!

Harper is adjusting to life pretty well! She's an overall very sweet baby and I hope/think she's got a pretty good disposition on life so far.  She coos, smiles, and is alert a lot and I just love it!  One thing she's not so good at is her sleeping at night! But, we started Baby Wise on Friday and she's had 2 out of 3 nights with no I call that a success!  I think she definitely recognizes Brian and I's voices because she smiles when we are talking to her.  As a part of her routine, I've been reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear in the mornings to her.  Yesterday she was smiling the whole way through! I'm sure she can't see the pictures, but it sure looked like she was looking at each page! 

She's a pretty good eater I think so far, it's just been hard to keep her awake to eat enough since I am having to wake her up during the day from her naps.  We have been trying cold washcloths, tickling feet, taking her clothes off, etc. but it seems to take 2 people to keep it going.  So, it's been pretty hard on Brian since he went back to work. 
As far as BF is going...well...I'd love to tell you I love it, but I don't. :( Just being honest.  It makes me feel like such a bad Mom.  I had anxiety over each feeding time.  I've had to use the nipple shield (sorry, TMI for my male readers!) since birth and it's very frustrating to make sure I have that and a cold rag wherever I nurse.  I've tried weaning her off of it but she just refuses to eat without it.  I'm thinking of going to a lactation office within the week to see if they can help - but haven't decided yet.  I'm also so worried all the time about her eating enough and constantly watch the clock to average how much she's eating. She's currently only eating about 17 minutes for both, but she's been gaining so the pediatrician hasn't been worried.  I guess we'll see this coming week at her 2-week check-up!  She's also started projectile spitting up which scares us so bad when it happens at night in her bassinet.  I'm so thankful for the raised bassinet! Oh, and we have to use Mylicon drops every time I nurse as well! :(

Baby Wise:
I know tons of people who do/did Baby Wise, so we wanted to do it, too.  It all makes know the part where you tell Harper when it's time to eat, play, and sleep so she doesn't "rule the house". HAHA  But, it is very time consuming doing this.  I sometimes feel all I do is feed her!
Her current schedule is:
7am (sometimes 7:30 b/c of early morning feedings): Nurse for about 45 minutes
Play Time for about 45 min.
Nap until -
10am: Nurse
Play Time for 45 min (depending on how long it took to nurse)
Nap until -
1pm: Nurse
Play Time for 45 min
Nap for 1-1 1/2 hrs
4pm: Nurse
Play Time
7pm: Nurse
Play Time (bathtime)
10pm: Nurse
Then she has been waking up around 2-2:15 to eat and then again around 4:30-5 to eat...hence the 7am feeding is hard to get her to eat again!
Did anyone else think sleeping only 1 1/2 hours between feedings is a little short for a newborn?
I think Play Time will get easier once she realizes she can't nap right after she eats.  We usually try to read a book, read a chapter out of her little children's Bible, and then I lay her under her activity gym or try the vibrating seat (but that puts her to sleep!).  Any suggestions of other things I can do at this stage?!
One thing we've decided not to follow just yet with Baby Wise is the crying it out part.  We did that the first night and it was AWFUL.  I just cried to myself the whole time.  Her screams are terrible and I know she has to cry - she's a baby, but what is so wrong with holding her? After much debate and hearing from several friends about this, we've decided that for now, we will just hold her until she's almost asleep and then put her in her bed while she's still somewhat awake.  I know that defeats the purpose of trying to get her to self-soothe and learn to sleep on her own, but come on! It's so hard.  Anyone else do that or have that problem?!

Each day gets a little easier.  I haven't shared Harper's birth story yet, because I'm just not ready to write about it! In the end, it was a wonderful thing because I got Harper, but it wasn't the most pleasant or best experience as I had hoped for.  So, I've been in a lot of pain and some emotional weariness lately, but each day gets better! I am hoping to be cleared this week to be able to drive and take walks from my OB! I'm starting to get the hang of sleeping only 4 hours a night (!!wowza) and learning that if my house is dirty and my thank-you notes aren't written, life will still go on.  The main thing I focus on is getting about 2 loads of laundry done and put up each day (yes, we go through that much) and making sure I'm following the schedule. :)  The one thing I can say that I love about BF is that I gained 34 pounds in Harper's pregnancy and as of this morning I have 12 pounds to go until my pre-baby weight!! :) It is so nice to see my ankle bones and jaw lines again! HAHA

As far as my worries about have NO time to think about it. Seriously, an entire day goes by without a thought of more than Harper.  Not in an obsessive way, just in a way that I am all consumed in taking care of her right now.  Thank goodness for maternity leave.

2 Things I'm very thankful for: my Mom and Sister. My sister just went through a newborn for the second time in December, so thankfully they can remember this stage and help us out!

Also, thanks Jenn for featuring Harper today! Go visit at


  1. !2lbs away? That's awesome! I don't even want to step on a scale!! As for babywise... I have mixed emotions, I CANNOT keep Abbott awake. I have tried everything! I couldn't bare to let them cry it out either, and didn't with L until 4 months at least. As for BF...17min sounds great, we don't get a lot of time in either because of total sleepiness. I'm glad your recovery is coming along too!

  2. That's definitely a perk of BF! I found it so hard to create a schedule with a newborn. We didn't master a great schedule until much later...3-4 months I think! I also had to use the shield, which is 100% annoying and we used it a long time! I'm interested to hear your birth story...I left out lots of details when I posted about Meyer's birth, but I was left with pain that I still struggle with now. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job with little Harper as a new mommy. She is just precious:)

  3. Right now all your baby wants to do is sleep and eat. It's totally normal. Within a few weeks she will be staying awake for much longer periods. I wouldn't stress about play time/awake time now as it's just not a reasonable thing to expect from an 11 day old! BF will get easier. The first few weeks are hard but soon she will become much more efficient and it will be more comfortable for you. I've heard it's not a good idea to start Babywise this young as they really do need to eat and sleep on demand. Especially the eating, in order to have a good milk supply you need to let her eat as often and for however long she wants to (it's a supply and demand concept). There's nothing wrong with holding and snuggling your baby. You can't spoil a newborn. They need the loving touch of their caregiver. There will come a time when you will know it's right to let her CIO, but now is not that time...your mommy instincts are right! Good luck, being a mom is a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth it :)Sorry this is jumbled, but I wanted to write it before the little one needs a nightly feeding!

  4. I know lots of people who love baby wise, but I do think it is waaay to strict for the fresh babies (I'm a "Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems" fan). I always do the eat, play, sleep thing, but I'd give her at least a couple weeks before you're too strict with it. I would think she couldn't stay awake for more than 45-60 min (including nurse time) before she went back to bed. So that would give her a 2+hr nap before the next feed time. By 4 weeks though, eat/play may stretch out to a solid hour or more before nap time.

    I also feel like a newborn is not quite capable of crying it out. I'm all for CIO, but not till 12-weeks or more. Do what you feel it right for you!

    Norah was always a really quick nurser (usually 10-20 min from birth), while Sadie took like 45 min. So every baby is different. Seriously don't worry about it so long as she's gaining weight. It's actually pretty awesome if she can always nurse that quickly! And stick with the nursing if you can. It is one of the worst things in the world at first. Crazy painful. But before you know it, your nipples won't feel a thing :) I think it was a month before I didn't wince in pain each time (I also showered with a sports bra). And definitely call a lactation consultant if you need to. There should be one at your pediatrician's office. Gotta make sure the latch is good!

    12lbs? Sheesh! Amazing.

  5. New follower of yours through some mutual teacher friends, plus I have a baby girl due in February so I like to see what is coming down the road : ) Anywho, not sure if you are a follower of this blog or not but I thought of this post that might be of some help. She is a great momma with great advice that I have been rereading since becoming pregnant!

  6. Megan - It's so wonderful to hear that you & Harper are adjusting. We did not begin Babywise until Peyton was 3-4 weeks old. YOU & Brian know Harper BEST & her needs!
    I'm so glad you have your sister! Please know that I'm here, if you have any questions!!!
    Prayers to your new precious family!

  7. Megan- I am typing this as I am bf both babies at the same time. If I did not read blogs now I would never read them becuase that is ALL I DO- feed babies. I totally understand your frustration with bf. I had to use a sheild with Clark too. These guys I don't but I think it was easier this time. I would call the lactation office at CB. THEY ARE GREAT. Robyn was the girl that helped me in the hospital. I called her everyday that I was there and she came to help. She helped me build my confidence, I also rented a hospital grade pump and pumped after each feeding for a while to build my supply. Now I only pump once a day unless we are going to be out during a feeding (not very often- where are we going to go?!)I really am thankful for her because now I have enough milk to feed both babies (not to mention that I have lost 25lbs.). It is tough, it takes soooo much time, but I just keep reminding myself how good it is for them and how much money we are saving on formula! My opinion is do it if you can. If it causes you too much stress- DON'T. You want to be able to be a sane mommy and if it is too much- don't. But I would call or stop by the lactation office for some advice before you go crazy! :)

    As far as CIO goes. We waited a while for that. I am thinking a few months. BUT talk to your dr. Dr. Warner always gave us good advice on sleep and feedings.

    Well, I am just full of advice and info this morning huh. Prob since I have yet to talk to another adult today. SORRY. :) Please disregaurd if I bore, upset or make no sense. Blame it on lack of sleep. :)

    Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you have been working hard. Hope today is a good one for you and your sweet family.

  8. Just remember, the baby hasn't read the book! In the early weeks, just enjoy the baby as much as possible. . . plenty of time to work on any routines.

    (Fwiw, we did BW with the first two and then ditched it with the second two. . . much more peaceful without BW, though I know all babies/parents are different.)

  9. I'm not a mom just yet, but LOVE reading your tell-it-like-it-is view on the first days at home with a newborn. I think Harper is very luck and your mother's intuition will guide you in the right direction regarding sleeping, eating, etc.

    Congrats on only 12lbs to go! That's incredible!

  10. Meg~ You are already such a wonderful mother:)I of course have no words of wisdom or great advise to pass your way, but I think of you each and every day. I will continue to pray for you and your precious family! You look great and I'm so proud of you:)

  11. It sounds like you are adjusting well to being a new momma! First and foremost you guys have to do what you decide is best for your family so always remember that! We aren't "Baby Wiser's" but in my opinion it is totally ok to hold that baby as much as you want. Babies grow so fast and you will never have that time back, so don't feel bad for a second for wanting to hold her! On that same note, I just now sort of feel ok to let Walker CIO, there is no way I could have done it at first! As for the BF it does get better, but you have to do what's best. I waited for three weeks to call and visit the LC and I could have kicked myself for not getting with her sooner. She really helped build my confidence when she weighed Walker before he ate, and after to see how much he was getting. There is no shame in getting help! You're doing great and just remember God chose you to be Harper's momma because he knew you were perfect for the job!! If you need anything, I'm just a little ahead of you in this crazy thing and I'd be happy to help in any way!
    PS. I'm back at work and still can only think of Walker! Ha! It's so funny how your focus totally shifts once you have a baby!

  12. LOVE the mommy/daughter photo... Just take in every moment, because it is over so quickly! :( I feel like B is a completely different baby now, especially when I look back on all of our videos and photos of her in her first month or two... And FYI- you look AMAZING for being sleep deprived! :)


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