Saturday, October 15

2 Week Check-Up

Daddy's home! So I have a minute to blog! I'm thinking for a little while, my blog's purpose will be to document some specials and pictures of Harper right now until I can get a handle on a daily schedule for us! :)

On Wednesday, Harper had her 2 week check-up! I can't believe she's been here for 2 weeks! (well, Thursday was her official 2 week bday!)


Weight: Harper left the hospital at 7 lbs.  She weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz!

Length: Harper was 20 inches long and now she's 20 in 3/4

Everything checked out great with Harper, but I wasn't exactly satisfied when we left.  Harper has been only sleeping about 12 hours in a 24 hour period.  She also doesn't have very many BM's and I just felt like there was something wrong with her belly.  I could hear it all the time grumbling, but not in a hungry way.  I also felt like she seemed to have a lot of gas! Well, when I mentioned it to the doctor his answer was that babies cry. Done.

So...move on to Thursday, when we had yet another sleepless night and day in about a row of 5-7 days of this and I just couldn't take it. I knew there was something more! So, I called the office and asked for another appointment.  Only, this time, Brian was at work and Mom was watching the nephews so I had to go on my own! UM, scary!!!!!!  Once we were there I expressed my concerns in a possibly crying hysteric mess because I was so tired and we got her blood drawn and an x-ray.  Let me tell you, that x-ray was kind of scary! However, it showed exactly what I thought it would....her tiny little belly is filled full with large gas bubbles, like the size of half-dollar pieces! It was so sad.  So, the doctor said she's in pain and that was causing her to have colic-like symptoms of not sleeping, being uncomfortable, etc.  So, he put us on a plan to help start reducing *hopefully* the gas in her belly and making her more comfortable.  And I can tell you that only after 2 days, I can definitely tell a difference already!  On the same note, we've decided to put down the BabyWise for now and just do what our pediatrician and what I feel comfortable with.  I'm a creature of schedule and routine, but my baby is not yet.  She's been in so much pain that the poor girl probably didn't know what I was trying to get her to do! So, yes, we let her wake up to eat {please, no emails about this if you don't agree} but we do follow the eat/wake/sleep schedule once the eating begins except for night.  Maybe we'll revisit in a month. :) For now, my sweet baby girl is already sleeping better and longer and now when she cries I know why and know it will be for a short bit while she gets her gas out.  The doctor said there could be a number of reasons to cause this, possibly her melaconin from birth, or, what I like to say, is that she inherited my dumb stomach issues!!

New things:
Harper likes her tummy time on her play-mat for a little bit at a time!
Harper loves to sleep on her side {thanks Mom for figuring that out!}
Harper will love a paci one day and hate it the next...we never know!
Harper is beginning to like her vibrating chair, but doesn't love it!

And of course, I had to share some new pics!
little prayer hands

first trip to GG and G-Daddy's!

sweet girl

reading our chapter out of the children's Bible

got my party dress on!


  1. Sounds like your mommy instincts kicked in! That was brave of you to insist on another appointment! I had to put down BW at about 2 weeks, too. It was stressing me out! I pulled it back out at about 6 weeks, I think. I hope each day gets easier and easier for you and Harper!

    2. Good for you for going to the dr again!
    3. Prasies that she is feeling better.
    4. LOVE her party dress! :)
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. she is beautiful!

    Joeylee @ Sweet N Sassy Girls

  4. what a beautiful baby girl!! And you are just as stunning mama!

  5. Love the party dress on that gorgeous girl!! Bless your heart with that second dr appt and thank God things are getting better! I'm just now reading babywise at almost 7 weeks and I'm not sure what I think about it - mixed feelings, but I'm not all the way through it yet. Houston has been sleeping fabulously and being content when awake from on demand feeding, I couldn't care less what any book says! All I know is the 5 S's definitely work miracles for us when he's fussy =) Every baby is different and you know yours the best. Keep on doin' a rockin' job, momma!

  6. :) This made me smile! You are a great mama.... enjoy it. I am glad that you are using your mommy instincts to the fullest- it is the best tool/rule whatever you want to call it to follow. And Harper's party dress.... Oh my- LOVE IT!!

  7. So glad you got some answers! Mommy instincts are always the best and have saved us a number of times. She's a cutie! We definitely aren't following babywise at the moment either, some babies just seem to need a little more time on their own schedule, just like little Harper! You look great.

  8. what an adorable little munchkin she is!

  9. glad things are getting easier! her pics are adorable!

  10. Always go with your Mother's Instinct! God gave it to you for a reason. :)

    Harper is a beauty and you look great!

  11. Harper is super adorable and you look GREAT! Love that you trusted your maternal instinct. :) Hoping for a calm night for you.

  12. Good for you for not letting it go and following up with the doctor! You look great and I think Harper may just be your "mini me". The third to last picture looks exactly like you! I say keep going with your gut! You're gonna know what's best for that little sweetie!

  13. oh I remember those days not too long ago when Gracie was soo soo gassy! I thought for sure there was something wrong with her insides. Mylicon drops worked for us, and putting her tummy down on my knee and bouncing. It passed around 3 months and she's just a very happy baby now. We did a very loose version of babywise but every baby is different and responds better to different methods. It sounds like you're doing a great job! ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

  14. Babies that are breastfed as less likely to have these issues.. perhaps you should have thought of that... instead of feeding her shitty food.. I would have gas as well if I ate that shit


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