Saturday, October 29

One Month!

Harper Alan is 1 Month Old today!! :)

We've had a very exciting few days around here.  On her 4 week birthday, we ventured out to eat with my friend Kathy for lunch! Harper did great but I was a bit nervous! Kathy even showed me how to use the restaurant bathroom changing table! haha  She did so good, we went shopping the next day and we even convinced Daddy to go to the mall on Friday night! :) It was so fun to get out with her {finally!}.

Play-Date Saturday! Saturday Harper slept in so we got to, too! Thanks girl! :) We did a little photo shoot with her which you can tell in the above pictures she did not love... We are also planning to take her out to eat tonight!

Harper's 1 Month Stats:

Weight: 8 lbs 6 oz (up a pound and 6 ounces from the hospital!)

Eating: Harper eats right on the dot every 3 hours. She's eating between 2 1/2 to 3 ounces every feeding! She's not the best we really have to push it out of her! :)  As far as her feeding schedule goes...I let her wake up through the night to feed. Sometimes she can go 4 hours instead of 3.  From whatever time she wakes up in the morning time, I begin her eat/wake/sleep schedule from there.  But I'm not trying to be as rigid as I started off.  If she falls asleep before the 45 minutes...oh well.  If she doesn't sleep, but she's just awake and hanging out...oh well. :)  I'm not the one who wakes her during the day either...she usually wakes up right at 3 hours and is ready to eat.  I'm sure we'll try the BabyWise thing again, but right now with a baby who is colic and has major gas issues, it's just silly to wake her when she's actually comfortable and sleeping!

Sleeping: Harper has continuously been getting better and better about sleeping.  She first started only sleeping about 12 hours in a 24 hour period...but since we started her on some hypo-allergenic formula (Sunday), her stomach and colic has settled down some for her to actually take more naps throughout the day.  We've also gone back to trying the Velcro swaddle which she's had a love/hate relationship with. Currently, she's in the love state and we are too!

Sizes: Harper is still able to wear her newborn clothes but has also been able to wear some 0-3 month clothes, too! She's still in newborn size diapers and we are buying a TON of those! Her little head has gotten so big it seems!! And...she's losing her gorgeous hair! It makes me so sad!! I love her long curls!

Social Butterfly: We like to call her this because since I've been taking her places (or just to my parent's house or sister's house) and when people come over, she instantly wakes up! She does not want to miss a beat! She loves looking around and is still just as alert or more than when she first came into the world! :)

Play: So, yea, a newborn doesn't really play...but she has been able to be fascinated by the Little Einstein play mat and of course loves to look around.  She loves kicking around her legs and arms!

Parents:  We are getting better and better at this every day! :) We are both learning how to handle her colic episodes and have gotten some great advice and encouragement from others.  We are able to usually get the spell under control much faster than we first were.  We've also started a new thing where my parents watch her for about 2 hours one night a week so Brian and I can go to dinner one on one.  I know that seems silly, but our schedules have been so off with one person being up with her while the other goes to bed/ vice versa that we felt we needed some time to re-connect.  We've only done this one time (and I had wine! YUMMO!) but we are hoping to make it a weekly or bi-weekly staple.


  1. That wild bow outfit is KILLIN' me! So cute.
    So glad that you are getting out and about and yay for date night. You are lucky to have parents close by. Keep posting becuase I love reading! :)


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