Wednesday, October 26

Party with the Cuzzies

*this may be a fluke...but my BABY is sleeping in her bassinet without me holding her?!?! What, what?! I don't know if this is a one time thing but I'm embracing it!!!!!!!!!!!

A few Saturdays ago, Aunt Kelli and Uncle Eric asked Harper over to have a play date! So, with all the cuzzies, our date lasted 5-7pm so everyone could get baths and feedings! haha But it was a fun time! Here's a few pictures from the night that we staged! :)

loves x10

Harper-2 weeks
Colby- 2 1/2 yrs
Cameron- 10 months

*ps- short lived bassinet, I'm holding H now! haha


  1. Megan-

    Do you have a sling of some kind? That is how I functioned when Lucas needed to be held. I could type, write thank yous, grab a bottle of water and go to the bathroom because I could use both hands! It was awesome!


  2. I just read the previous comment and I loved the Moby wrap. Gracie would sleep in that thing and I could get things done! What a cute outfit miss Harper has on!

  3. That is probably the cutest play date ever!

  4. Cousin love is THE BEST! they are so sweet! love harpers sweet outfit! anything pink and prissy!


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