Monday, October 24

Family Visitors!

Harper has had such wonderful family members come and love on her! Here's a few pictures of Harper's family...

Her Great-Granddaddy {meg}

Grandpa Burton {brian}

Aunt Heather {brian}

Great-Aunt Anabel and 2nd cousin Missy {meg}

Great-Granny {meg}

Great-Aunt Dorothy {meg}

Grammy {brian's Mom}

Cousin Hope {meg}

Great-Granny {brian}

Aunt Kelli, Uncle Eric, cousins Colby and Cameron {meg}

GG and G-Daddy {meg-my parents}
cousin Hayden {brian}
cousin Colby {meg} {PS-Colby LOVES his cousin Harper! It's the sweetest thing ever}
2nd cousin Kelley {brian}


  1. ahhh, she is just beautiful!! Congratulations, I'm behind a little bit on blog reading =)

  2. so sweet. Looks like she has lots of people who love her!!


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