Monday, November 14

Church debut!

OK, so yes, Harper is 6 weeks {and 3 days} old...but we just now decided to debut Harper at church! I know, I know, it's a little past due, but we just haven't been comfortable in taking her there and the times haven't worked out for her morning eating routines. But, we said no matter what, we'd take her this weekend...and we did!

Our church is great, but it's very contemporary with super loud music. :)  This weekend, our minister along with 2 other music ministers did a huge rap melody rendition of popular 90's rap songs for the intro into "Rebellious Christians".  It was hilarious...but it majorly overstimulated Harper and woke her up. BOO on that.  Well, we got her back to sleep without any crying and.... she poo'ed.  No, not just poo'ed, had a big, loud, blow out. One that the girl in front of us jumped and turned around. Whoops...


We tried out the ladies room and the changing station.

Overall, it was a success and we plan to bring her next week, too!

We also all ventured out to eat after church - our family, Mom and Dad, my sister and her husband and their 2 boys. Umm, it was an adventure; but everyone did pretty well!!
Happy Birthday Uncle Eric!

lunch out with 3 babies - they all did SO well!

Oh, and I must mention, that on Friday night we were THAT couple.  The ones we soo would have talked about pre-Harper.  Our very good friend, Alison's, 30th birthday dinner was Friday and they were going to Pazzo's - a pizza pub in the heart of UK campus. So, yes my friends, we had A BABY IN A BAR. It all worked out great and Harper slept the whole time in her carrier, but Brian and I could.have.died. of embarassment bringing her in there - raising the carrier over drunk college kids heads. HAHA! Oh well. I've already stated I'll never say never again. I've done so many things I always said I wouldn't do! But hey, when you don't have a sitter {my sister already called Mom and Dad for the night!} and you don't want to miss out on a friend's milestone do what you gotta do!


  1. I LOVE that Harper made her first visit to Pazzos! These will be great pictures to pull out when she is older. No judgement, you deserved to attend the celebration!

  2. Pazzos is not a bar bar. Now if you took her to Rosebuds... Ha!
    Glad you made it out and had a good weekend!

  3. We had Kenleigh at pazzos very very young.....on the porch no less. The never say never thing.....I saw a girl who was at least 6 with a paci in culvers. I didn't say a word nor think anything....khloes loves her paci and there was no judgment. ;)


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