Sunday, November 20

Our Week :)

We've had lots of fun this week! So much fun that I haven't had time to post anything all week! ;)

The first part of the week Brian was gone to Philly for a work training. I was scared to have Harper alone so of course my sweet family and friends stepped in! Mom & Dad came over one night and brought dinner and Mom stayed all night and fed Harper for her night feeding! Thank you Mom!! That way, Brian and I both got full night's sleep.  The next night, my friend Jordan came over to hang out with us and brought me dinner. So lucky! :)

Anyways, we were super excited for Brian to get home.  It was so hard on him to be away from his girl! I think he was shocked how much he missed her! He even brought his girls home presents from his trip! We know he was thinking of us! I think I sent him about 10 pictures a day of Harper!

I have also learned this week that I am COMPLETELY obsessed with my little baby. I know, I know, it's normal. But I'm sooo there! I think everything Harper does is the cutest thing and of course I think she's the cutest little girl ever. I can't help it. At least I'm aware I'm crazy! I do photo shoots on a daily basis of her and I cannot stand the cute clothes she has! It's like I'm back to being a little girl dressing up my baby dolls and barbies! Eek!

Harper's gotten quite the personality and we know she feels so good because our sweet baby girl just smiles and smiles.  She laughs at herself in the mirror, she bats at the play-gym, and loves to watch me and follow me with her eyes.

This week Harper and I went to visit my Granddaddy, we went to the mall on our own {!! big step !!}, went to the mall with our cousins Colby and Cameron and Aunt Kelli, visited GDaddy at his bank, celebrated 7 weeks with GG at Saul Good, had a play date with some very special friends, and visited Daddy at work and had lunch at i-Ching!  I also got her to sleep in her bassinet for 40 minutes 2 days in a row...long enough to let me shower. THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE. You know little girl doesn't like to sleep during the day unless someone is holding her. And I never get a shower unless Mom comes over! ha! We're moving up! :) We ended the week with Christmas shopping for Harper {so fun!}, putting up our Christmas decorations, eating pizza with the cousins, and going to church! So excited for Thanksgiving this week!!

i like my swing! but only right after my bottle!

Great Granddaddy and Harper at his house

GDaddy with Harper in the boys' hunting outfit!

happiest in the mornings right after bottle!

visiting Gdaddy at work

GG taking me to lunch for my 7 week birthday!

visiting Daddy at work and taking him to lunch!

love playing on my gym!

watching us put up our Christmas decorations!

enjoying the new stuff to look at!

getting ready for church me some big bows! and of course UK smock for the big basketball game Sunday!
Hope you all had a great week and weekend, too!

PS--Any "must have" items we should look into to get Harper? She won't have another present-giving time before her first birthday, so we were trying to get her a range of toys between 3 months - 9 months and so. I really like the Leap Frog toys... Any good ideas we need to know about would be great!


  1. So glad Harper is getting out and about!! Love hearing about her and your week:)

  2. What a cutie! And I totally agree about the clothes. Dressing my baby is my favorite hobby, ha! People can't believe I'm serious when I say that. Gracie will be 9 months this week and she just now started loving her jumparoo, but she REALLY loves it. She loves to have an audience clap for her when she's jumping, ha. Other than that, she's really into simple toys that make noise. She's way more drawn to blocks she can bang together than any of her "fancy" toys

  3. Meyer has absolutely loved the Fisher Price "Learning Home" and the "Love to Play Puppy"! The puppy was one of his first favorite toys and the learning home was great 6 months plus and he still plays with it at 13 months. I'm loving all the sweet pictures of Harper and am glad to hear you are doing so well!

  4. I love the Leapfrog toys as well. Stafford sleeps with "Scout" every night and they have the girls version called "Violet". I also recommend the musical table. You can take the legs off and on so they can use it at different stages. He still plays with this everyday. We loved the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn jumperoo because Stafford liked to jump....we got the same one Nola has. Those are probably the things he used the most during that age :)


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