Tuesday, November 22

Christmas Decorations Link Up! {to come!}

I know most people decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving... We did it last week but just because we were going to be busy this weekend!

I love seeing other people's decorations! So...what better way than to have a link-up?!

Tell your friends and have them join in on the fun! I'll post the link-up on MONDAY and will keep it open until SATURDAY to give people enough time to get their decorations up and take pictures!

Hope it sounds fun to you!! :) I'm excited!! Maybe I'll get some good ideas for next year!


  1. Such a fun idea! If I get my decor complete this weekend, I plan to link up. Can't wait to see your tree!

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEkk!!! I am sooo in. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!


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