Wednesday, November 23

Date Nights!

So, I've mentioned before in my posts about Date Nights.  Early on in baby Harper's life when it was super crazy {week 2 and 3 to be exact :)} my Mom suggested Brian and I try to get out to dinner together since we were taking shifts on staying up with her while her belly issues were causing all-night-long crying bouts.

So now, even though we put her to bed around 9:30 and we get to go to bed together, we are still keeping up with our bi-weekly date nights! I appreciate Brian wanting to do this because once I go back to work, I think it will be hard for me to give up any time with Harper...but as we all know, the best thing we can do for our child is to stay in love and connected with each other.  So, we go to dinner for about an hour and a half while Mom & Dad get some one on one time with the baby!

Each time we've gone out, we end up running into to other couples we know who have kids.  They all say, "oh, isn't the first 6 weeks he**?" HAHA And we thought it was just us! No, kidding. But yes, the first couple of weeks are so much harder than we ever imagined, but now I feel like we are getting the hang of it and it is pure joy every day!

Although our date nights usually include discussing the baby a LOT, it's still so nice to be together.  However, we just aren't there yet to actually leave her for more than a few hours! When were you ready?

Anyways, thanks Mom and Dad for offering to do this for us!!! We love it!! :)
ps- the third band was my surprise push present...never wrote about it because I still haven't written H's birth story :)

....and I just realized I have no recent pictures of the two of us...only with or of the baby! haha


  1. I love that picture...and your push present is so pretty! :)

  2. So important to so things together! I still don't like to leave my girls for more than a few hours:). I have of course, but I just miss them so much! I want to hear your birth story now! It is time:)


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