Wednesday, November 30

No Judgement Day!

My grown-up Cosmo mag {Redbook} had such a funny article in it this month! They dubbed November 30th as "No Judgement Day" among women! A blogger, Jill Smokler, wrote about how Moms judge one another so badly! She set up an anonymous place on her blog where Moms could sound off without being judged!

Now, before I was a Mom I totally would have judged this! ha! Just being honest! But, now, I do find it refreshing that not everyone is perfect! A friend, whom shall remain nameless, acted as if her life was PERFECT after baby came. So, I just assumed that mine would be too. WELL, it wasn't.  And I felt like a terrible mother! I kept wondering how everyone else kept it all together during those first few weeks when baby eats every 2 hours and you never sleep, your house is dirty, and taking a shower is non-existent, and your husband is on your last nerve because he can't feed the baby!  So, I later asked her about it and she confessed, that everything I felt, she had felt too, but didn't want anyone to know! So silly, right?! But us women, we totally do that to one another. :) Why must we feel perfect all the time?

I've said it before on here, and my hubby and I have had many conversations about it - I really don't judge that much anymore.  I know the terms 'for each is own' 'whatever it takes' 'you never know' 'it worked for me, but you will have to see for yourself' very well now! I don't push on people that my way is the best, because I know every baby is different! I don't get upset wasting time worrying about people talking about me or judging me.  I don't waste time thinking about silly drama anymore. So, Mary, you were totally right. My personality has changed for the better these days and I am SO glad!
So, here are my Judgement Feelings Soundboard:
Don't Judge Me Because....
1. I have to go back to work and can't be a SAHM. It doesn't make you a better mother than me, and it doesn't mean I like material things more than my baby.
2. I play rap/pop music in the car when I'm driving with my baby.
3. My baby cries in public places and I have to SHHHH in her ear to get her to quit. Loudly.
4. I stick a paci in my girl's mouth to get her to quit crying.
5. I use formula instead of nursing.
6. I spend a lot of money on baby clothes and that I like personalized outfits with her name or monogram even though I know I can't resell it.
7. I'm not a supermodel and I have a nasty looking belly now but I still don't want to work out or eat healthy.
8. I look at my baby and think she's the prettiest one in the store/mall/restaurant.
9. I let my baby watch/stare at TV because she likes it, and it soothes her sometimes.
10. Staying at home with my hubs and baby on a Saturday night is just fine with me. But I do like wine. And I will have a glass. In public. With my baby. :) {but I won't have a glass if I'm driving her and I will judge you if you do that...KIDDING!}

I'd LOVE to hear yours!!

Anyways, this blogger, Jill, is very PG-13, but hilarious, so if you go visit her site...don't judge! ;)
And go to to read funny posts on this!

"Mom, quit taking my picture!"

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  1. Good post!

    Can you do a post on Harper's typical "schedule"? Thanks!

  2. I love this post! While I'm not a mom yet, I can totally relate to your "Don't Judge Me Because" list and anticipate I will do many of the same things. No judging from me! :) I appreciate your honesty and am confident you are not the only mom who makes these decisions.

  3. i have noticed a change in you too- and i LOVE IT! i think you should make this one a weekly blog:)


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