Tuesday, November 29

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Harper had a great first Thanksgiving! She turned 8 weeks on Thanksgiving and that night slept 9 1/2 hours straight! Wowza! On Thursday we went to my Mom's side where we had close to 70 people! We meet in a church fellowship hall to fit everyone! It was my nephew Cameron's first Thanksgiving too but he got to try all the foods! Yum!! He loved it all!  And of course here are the crazy pictures that took place...

Whitney - her baby Uggs fit!!! so stinking cute!

10 months apart- Harper and Cameron

cousins - the best I could get! Harper 8 wks, Cameron 10 mo, Colby 2 1/2yrs
Friday Brian got off work early and we went downtown with Harper and our friends and sister's kids to see the Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Triangle Park. It was super fun and Harper did great! But the best part of the night was the ride home with Jordan, Nick, Amanda, Harper, and us. TOO funny. :)

ice skating rink!

Amanda, Jordan, and I

warm and snuggly outside!

one of many Christmas outfits!! love mudpie!!
On Saturday we went to Thanksgiving with Brian's grandparents and cousins!

seriously, how precious is this?!?! she spit out her paci because she was smiling so big for me!!! melts my heart...
Saturday night Brian and I had a date night thanks to Maegan's UK basketball tickets and Mom & Dad for watching Harper! This was the longest I had left Harper...since I had her! I started to freak out a little bit before we went and we contemplated on not going. I just didn't want to leave her for some reason! But, Mom sent me a couple of picture texts and we had a great time! It was really fun to have a night {ok, 3 1/2 hours} to be with one another! We went early and had drinks and dinner and then went to the game.  It almost felt like one of our patio talks we used to have where we get deep! It was great!
Sunday night we hosted our Life Group for dinner! It was so fun!! :)  Of course, Sunday night blues sunk in - but this week is going to be a big one! Our baby turns 2 months old and gets the dreaded shots!

**PS- don't forget to link up to the Christmas Decorations post below!! I want to see! :)


  1. Glad she did so good going everywhere! You look great 8 weeks post-partum. Are you planning on returning to work? I returned after 9 weeks and I never wanted to leave Gracie either!

  2. Are you sure you just had a baby?? You look great!
    How in the world did you get her to sleep 9.5 hours??? Our longest is 5.5. Shepard always wakes to eat and then I have to wake SK to keep them on the same schedule. Ugh. Hopefully soon. If you have a secret do share! :)
    Yes, do you go back to work before Christmas?

  3. She always has on an adorable outfit!! Emily gets her two month shots tomorrow :(


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