Wednesday, November 2

Trick or Treat!

We went to my sister's house for Halloween! Why do I love putting my girl in a pumpkin?! ha!

this year was way different than past years.....

miley cyrus and billy ray

chuck and blair from gossip girl


  1. do share where you got that hat! So cute.

  2. Ah! You're little family is so adorable!! Lucky mama :)
    Your baby is perfection... so precious!

  3. I love harper's sock monkey hat!!! And she liked being in the soft cozy much better than the last shoot :) too funny!

  4. Harper in the pumpkin is adorable!

  5. Megan - Harper is precious! Sooo glad y'all can get out! I know that makes everyone feel better! Thinking about you...

  6. Harper is a doll and I still think she looks just like you! I love her hat, too cute!

  7. I'm just getting caught back up with your blog since H was born. So sorry to hear she's colic. I felt like I was reading my life with O at times. We were beside ourselves until she was 9 weeks old and we "figured" her out. We thought she was colic (and maybe she was) but once we figured out that she WOULD sleep every 90 minutes life was golden. Our problem? Just figuring out HOW to get her to sleep. For her, she has to sleep in her swing, swaddled, with pacifier and white noise. After watching the happiest baby on the block dvd our lives were changed for the better. She was always (and still is) a good night time sleeper, we just couldn't for the life of us get her to nap during the day. We thought she had gas or reflux or... It was miserable for awhile but it will pass. Hang in there! She's precious!!!


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