Thursday, December 29

Christmas with Grammy & Pops

Last post about Christmas :)

Harper's Grammy & Pops came in from HHI this year to celebrate Christmas with us! We usually go there, but decided it was best to not travel just yet with Harper.

We had a great week with them here! They spoiled Harper with gifts and lots of attention! They also let me use them for many pictures with my new camera!

Here's our week in pictures...


  1. Oh my goodness, she is getting so BIG!! And she's as adorable as ever! So glad that you all had a wonderful first Christmas as a family :)
    Oh, and B has a "Grammy" too! I just love it...

  2. I have to say they look like they love her dearly. I love that!!! She is sooooo cute and seems super sweet! Bless her heart:)


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