Saturday, December 31

3 whole months old!

My oh my, where has this time gone? I knew getting to 3 months would be a big one.  I was told the baby changes so dramatically at this age and I also knew it meant my maternity leave would be over.  I just cannot believe it's here!

My little newborn is now considered an infant! Instead of being a little sad, I'm going to try and think about how grateful I am Harper is growing so well! 

We are so lucky that Harper is such a sweet and happy baby.  We just pinch ourselves wondering how we got so lucky!

Harper turned 3 Months Old on December 29th, 2011.

Nicknames: Harpie, Sweet Peaser {B}, baby girl, Harps, Pretty Girl

Weight: We don't get a monthly visit this month, so here's our guess... 12lbs

Eye/Hair: her eyes are still dark blue, her hair has gotten very light! a light brown and it's falling out!
Diapers: Size 1, Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Nighttime diapers at night

Clothes: wearing 0-3mon. and some 3-6 mon. clothes, totally outgrown NB! It was a sad day putting those away!

Bath: She takes a bath every other night unless she's had a spit-up or blow-out :)

Eating: formula (colic symptoms are pretty much gone, knock on wood), 5 oz. every 3 hours, except night.We feed her before bed and when she awakes in the morning. She'll let you know right when it's time to eat! 

Sleep: We still swaddle her and she sleeps about 9-10 hours in her Rock and Play Sleeper bassinet in her room. She does so well, we don't really want to change it up with putting her in her crib yet, ha!  She still won't nap for long unless being held.  She'll nap in her vibrating chair for about 30-45 min. then wake up. She doesn't always stay asleep for her naps because she just likes to be awake more!

Schedule: We follow eat, play, sleep.  For the most part, I don't ever 'make' her fall asleep.  I can tell when she's tired and when she's not. Harper has never ever been one to require a lot of sleep. So, she doesn't always take 2 hour naps all day long like most babies her age. She'll sleep some each rotation but not always the same amount. But as long as she continues to be content and happy, I'm ok with it! So, after she eats, we play for about 1-2 hours, and then she'll sleep until the next bottle.

Playtime: Man oh man is it fun now! She just LOVES smiling and watching me wherever I go! She keeps her little eyes glued to me! She loves to reach and grab her toys on her playgym. She also likes to grab at little taggie blankets as well as this little blinking worm toy she got for Christmas.  Harper also likes the Bumbo! She also loves to listen and look at books! She coos, gurgles, and 'talks back' a lot now! She's totally got Brian and I wrapped around her cute little finger! :)  It is just incredible how alert and aware she became overnight!

New Things: Besides some of the stuff I added in playtime, she super strong! She is always wanting to push off and stand on you. Her head basically needs no more support and she kicks non-stop!  She's found her feet and loves them as well as sucking on her hands constantly!
We actually celebrated this month by just snuggling up with our little family of 3 and pizza! We've been with lots of family, so it was nice to just snuggle her!


  1. Megan she is so cute! I remember how fun this age is. I was smiling through the entire post because it reminded me so much of Gracie at that age. Yay for a happy and healthy baby! ~Andrea

  2. She looks like our Maggie did with dark skin. Now MJ looks normal I guess but often people asked if she had a tan! NO!

  3. Happy 3 months, Harper! Looks like she loves her playmate as much as Jade loves hers. :) That octopus and turtle rattle are still some of her favorite toys.

    These next few months will be so fun!

  4. I love the idea of doing monthly updates, I'll add that to my list of things to blog about. She certainly sounds like a pleasant babe. I wish B would sleep that long at night.


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