Saturday, December 10

Easy Ribbon Tree

Although I sold a lot of these last year, I've put a hold on my little craft shop, so I'm going to go ahead and post directions to make this easy ribbon tree! It's gotten a lot of repins on Pinterest! haha! I think that's so funny. :)

I'm linking up with my bloggy friend, Emily, at Baby Berry, for her new link up!
There are WAY cuter ideas on this link up than this, so go check it out!

So, here's the easy directions to make your own Ribbon Tree:

3 different types of ribbons (think colors, textures, styles, etc)
a small green Styrofoam cone (at Hobby Lobby/Michael's)
a package of small pins
Mesh Ribbon

How to make:
Lay out your ribbon how you'd like for the 'branches' to look. Then cut the ribbon about the length on your middle finger to wrist and fold in half.  Stick the pin in the top.  Begin at the bottom of the 'tree' and work your way around and then up, making sure the ribbon overlays the top of the other ribbon.  Keep your pattern going until the cone is covered and then add a little poof at the top for a tree topper! Voila, donezo!

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  1. This is so cute, Megan!! Thanks so much for linking up! :) Have a great weekend!


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