Sunday, December 11

OOTD - Baby Edition2

Ok, here's Round 2 of Harper's Christmas gear.

This little photo shoot happened for the making of our Christmas card!
Found the tutu at Hobby Lobby along with the leggings.  Bow is the same from Mudpie.


  1. Hehehe, so cute and frilly : ) Have you ever checked ? I own a dance studio and buy all my little 2 year olds their tutus and skirts on there...all about $15 and under. They have TONS of bows too! When I see all Harper's bows I always wonder if you've seen it :) , so if not, there you go! I hope we have a girl one day...if not, I have lots of little dancers to doll up lol

  2. Harper is such a cutie!! The kiddos love looking at her birth announcement and we talk about her all of the time!

  3. Harper is just adorable! I love her outfits and bows!!!

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