Saturday, December 24

Harper's First Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the big night with my immediate family {parents, Granddaddy, Sister's family}.  Our family has hit a baby boom in the past three years.  We've had a baby born each year since 2009! So, this year, Christmas Eve was even more fun than it usually is.  Per usual, sister's boys were amazing.  Colby was super excited to open presents and understands more about getting to open toys, etc.  But, we had a big yummy lunch thanks to Mom AND we cleaned up BEFORE we opened presents! So, basically Colby waited for about 2-3 hours before we began. That's a lot to ask an almost 3 year old.  But he's the bomb.  No complaining or whining. Seriously. Who can say that?!
ok, the vest was totally a joke! B had borrowed it from my Dad a couple years ago from an ugly sweater party, so we thought it would be funny to come in and wear!

my sister and I's old diaper on Harper!


love my little Christmas baby!

Anyways, we did gifts a little differently.  We usually pass out the gifts to everyone first, but to save time, we just searched under the tree and whoever it was to, they opened it, with of course starting with Colby, Cameron, and Harper first.  Then, we took turns opening gifts! Can you believe it? The littles were so good and patient. Colby helped us all rip open our paper, Harper slept most of the time, and Cameron just wanted to stand or climb on the boxes! It was way better than I expected!

We had a great time and of course got wonderful and thoughtful gifts, but the best part was just seeing the excitement on Colby and Cameron's faces and listening to Colby's funny words!

We also tried really really hard to stage some pics of the littles, but as I'm sure you know, it's very hard to get 3 under 3 to ALL be looking and ALL be smiling in the same picture! So, below are the ones that were the best! Oh, and if you pics will be looking way more amazing because Hubby I mean Harper got Mommy a Nikon D3000, much to my surprise! I told B not to get me anything because of my push present and I wanted to spend my amount on Harper's Santa gift, so he didn't, and said Harper wanted me to take better pictures of her. HAHA :)

littles and great-granddaddy

sister's family

littles with GG and Gdaddy {thanks for the matching PJs!}

Colby and Harper have a serious cousin love going on.

is there room for any more stockings?!?!?

Merry Christmas Eve!

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