Monday, December 19

life group, Granny's 90th, & OOTD4

We had a busy weekend last weekend! But, aren't they all busy in December?!

My wonderful friends in our Life Group changed their dinner plans so that we could bring Harper! We went to DeSha's and she did pretty great...especially since we started out a little later than she is usually out!

so glad my friends love harper too

amanda + philip

nick + jordan

alison + nick
Then we had my Granny's 90th Birthday party open house! It was fun and sweet to see all her friends come see her!

aunt dorothy
And her next Christmas outfit shown above is her Christmas smock she'll be wearing to our big Christmas Eve.  I love it! :)


  1. So sweet. We love the smocked dresses too. They are so classic!!!

  2. What a fun weekend! You look great and Harper continues to be absolutely adorable! Have a great week.

  3. Cute pics:) and yes, I do love me some harpy

  4. Ahhh, she is the cutest! I love her little chin! The dress and smocking is amazing. Darling!!! Merry Christmas to each of you as you make new memories!

  5. She is beautiful, Megan! I love her smocked dress! You look wonderful, too! Hope you all enjoy your first Christmas with your sweet girl:)

  6. you look amazing!!! way to drop the baby weight, which i didnt think you looked big pregnant either!!


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