Friday, December 16

New Christmas Traditions

Remember last year when I was asking what Traditions I could start?! Well, we began a few, but I think those will be modified this year with a new baby!

We may not always be at our home for Christmas morning, since we will be going to Hilton Head each year for part of Christmas, but, when we are some traditions we are hoping to keep with Christmas morning~

*Set out one bigger gift or something Harper really wants unwrapped from Santa. {i'm soooo excited about her santa gift this year!} After all the gifts are opened, we'll open the stockings.

*I'll make a big Christmas breakfast that morning.  I'm thinking of making breakfast souffle and tater tot casserole for this year since it will just be me and Brian eating! :)

*Christmas night, hold our "Happy Birthday Jesus" party! I want Harper to know the real reason for Christmas! I want to have a little party each Christmas Day night, but I've got to be realistic about it and what I will really have time to do, no matter where we are! So, I am thinking of reading this cute book, God Gave Us Christmas, that I bought this year, hopefully getting Harper a Little People Nativity set and reading about that story, and then having a cupcake and blowing out the candle as we sing! We've got a very fun table-top party banner already and some plates for the cupcakes!!

...and a few traditions for the Christmas Holiday Season...
*Along with our advent calendar that was mine made from my Nanny I showed here, I'm taking Joey's idea! I love this! I'm going to work on collecting Christmas and Nativity books this year. I will eventually collect 25 children's for each day in December up until Christmas (I've already gotten 5 from the Scholastic sale!).  I'll wrap them up each year and Harper will get to pick out one and open it, and we will read it together as a family! I'm quite excited about this, as family time is the most important! Plus I won't have to think of little candies and things to fill up an advent box or chart! haha! I'm hoping to find some good deals on Christmas books after the holiday! Open to suggestions of book titles!
the bin is kind of uggs, but I tried to make it cricut-cute
*Brian and I get ornaments everywhere we go, and we get each other ornaments each year, but we will start purchasing a 'family' ornament each year and putting the date on it. Here's ours this year -
*Using Elf on the Shelf for a fun way to keep Harper interested in 'being good' for Santa and for the fun of the magic!  Can't wait to hide Elf all around the house (and get a better name for him! haha)

I'm really excited to spend Christmas day at our house this year! It will be the first time EVER, but I think it will be really fun to just be able to lay low all day with Brian and Harper!

I'm sure we'll be adding to traditions...I'd love to hear what you do!!


  1. These are great traditions. We will continue with the advantage book calander & were doing the elf on the shelf next year with the girls. I love the ornament idea we might also do that too

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Those are wonderful family traditions! Love them :) We do the ornament tradition too. We also have a tradition of having a nice dinner with just Matt and I on Christmas Eve (cheesy chicken/asparagus casserole). Oo I should blog about this :) Merry Christmas, Megan!

  3. All great ideas and I just love love love your Christmas card below! Harper is just too sweet:)

  4. I recently stumbled across your blog! Your traditions sound like so much fun!! It makes me so ready to start my own family (so far it's just the hubs, myself, and our golden retriever). I hope y'all have a wonderful first Christmas with Harper! :)

  5. Gotta love traditions!! Michael and I fill each others stockings :)

  6. We do a lot of the same things :) favorite Christmas book- mortimer's manger. Love it! This year I got way lazy and didn't wrap my books but ivy has been just as excited to find a new book under the tree each morning. Kids make Christmas so much fun!!!!

  7. LOVE.
    We started Elf on a Shlef this year and it has been so much fun. I have a whole facebook album dedicated to all of "Walker's" spots! I am enjoying it wayyyy too much.
    I also plan to have a Happy Birthday Jesus party this year because C is really aware and I want him to know the real meaning for all of the celebrating.
    We do the books each night. I wrap them all so that Clark has something to open each night before bed. He has LOVED it. We have the book you mentioned too. I will check out the other titles and let you know what some good ones are. That is exactly what I did...After Christmas 50% off sales!!

    Enjoy your day!! We will be at home too for the first time and I am so excited about it.

  8. Love the books tradition! I need to get started on that one. L would love it. Elf on the shelf has been a real blast for us this year, we just started it!


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