Monday, December 5

OOTD - Baby Edition1

So lots of bloggers out there do OOTD (outfit of the day), and if I had to post what I wear these wouldn't be pretty! So, because I have a zillion Christmas outfits for Harper and I want all our far away family to see them, I'm going to post a few editions of OOTD with Harper's Christmas clothes! :)

{I swear one day I will post something other than my baby....maybe :)}

This outfit was a gift from my Mom (GG).  It's a little smock gown from Little English. You know, Harper is our late Christmas present, cough, cough, wink, wink, so I think it makes this Christmas even more amazing!!
The leggings and socks are from Hobby Lobby, no less! ha! Hat and bow from Mudpie.

she just found her hands and LOVES them!

he's aware i'm crazy. its ok :)


  1. Ok. I need to squeeze her. asap.

  2. Look at the red hat!!!! SO CUTE! :)

  3. There is nothing better than playing dress-up with your sweet baby girl! I haven't started putting E in Christmas outfits yet but I can't wait. Harper looks precious and don't feel bad about making her the center of your blog! Emerson is 6.5 months old and almost every post is still about her! :) I can't wait to the rest of Haroer's outfits!

  4. Oh girl, watch out... now that's she's found those hands they will be in her mouth constantly! :) That's a super cute outfit!

  5. What a cutie!! Gosh I love that big bow =)

  6. love it. Great idea too! I have SO MANY Christmas outfits for SK.
    Harper looks great- LOVE Little English!!

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