Sunday, January 22

Dad and Colby's Birthdays!

Shoo Wee! I'm getting worse and worse on having time to post lately!

Here's a recap of the past few weekends in Jan.  We celebrated my Dad's birthday...

 And also Colby's 3rd Birthday! He had a train theme with lots of fun details all made by his Momma! She made all kinds of fun foods, had trains to paint for an activity, and the party favors were personalized train whistles and personalized crayon boxes to color a train page! I had lots more photos to upload...but blogger is being slow! :)

painting trains


  1. David sure loves his babies!!!

  2. Cute, Megan! I was thinking about you the other day :) I started an Etsy shop making bows!! I'd love to get one to Harper : ) Email me if you see one you like!! I love that you always have bows in her hair, I can't wait for that!!


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