Monday, January 23

What to Take...FROM the hospital

I've got lots of preggos reading my blog, so I thought it would be completely necessary to remind you all of what to steal  happen to stick in your extra bag you bring from your hospital stay...

Yes, that's right. Your bill will be through the roof, so you might as well get your money's worth! :)

1. Make sure to bring a larger bag or an extra bag for when you go to deliver your precious one
2. Stick the nasal aspirator that's in your baby's "bed" in your bag and ask for another one. Then take that one before you leave, too. Those are way better than the ones you can buy.
3. Open the drawers under the little bed they wheel your baby around and take it all!!! Hopefully you'll have 2 hospital swaddling blankets, a box of diapers, and a box of wipes.  Stick the diapers in your bag and tell the nurses you ran out... and then take the new ones before you leave!
4. Each time the nurse comes in, ask for another big 'ol green paci.  Chances are your little one will LOVE this paci and this paci alone, and you can get a few for the times when you can't find one!
5. Take the 'pee pads' home.  I have no idea the correct wording for these, but they look like the puppy pads you use to train your dog with. You have to lay on them in the hospital. Take as many as you can, because you can use them in your bed to not get your sheets dirty and you can fold them in 4ths and cut them to take as changing pads when you go out and have to use those dirty Koala Changing stations {you don't want to get your nice pad dirty from the diaper bag}.
6. Booty pillow - if you ask, they will let you take it home. If you don't, just take it anyways! Also, ask for the pillow case for it, it makes it look a little less awkward when you're sitting on the waffle pillow while company is over!
7. Ice Packs - I had one super long, large-and-in-charge ice pack to put, um, well you know where, take it. They do not sell those anywhere! Ask for extra and stick them in your bag! :)
8. Ask for creams to use for diaper rashes and take those too!
9. This is a little TMI, but ask for extra numbing spray and creams you use after giving birth. You will need those so much in the days/weeks to come and it's just easier to have a stash without trying to send your hubby out to find those things!

**10** Eek! I forgot one of the most important things! Thanks friends!!! MESH PANTIES! I told the hubs I forgot this and he laughed saying I'd still be wearing those if I could get them to fit under my pants. Sad, but true. They are remarkable. Ask for many -a - pair.

{Harper's Bag had NOTHING in it to start....}
That's all I can think of right now! Hope this helps!


  1. I love this post! I did the exact same thing. Codi's bag was full when we left.

  2. Awesome post!! I did all this was my first 2 and will again now with my third!

  3. Nice tips! My sister has been telling me to stash the diapers, so heck, you pay for all that when they open it, might as well take it!

  4. Booty pillow? My hospital didn't have them... And I agree 100% on the Dermoplast! It gives your vagina the sensation that it bit into a York Peppermint Patty. FYI preggo's that is a good thing ;)

  5. this made me laugh so hard!! although i never thought of it, i will remember it when the time comes!!

  6. So true about the ice packs. They do not sell anything nearly as good anywhere else. Yikes. So glad that part is all over! :)

  7. I asked for lots of the strange mesh underwear to steal. They are so much more comfortable to wear with those horrible, gigantic pads...and then you can just toss them at home. And amen to the nose aspirator. The store ones are hor.ri.ble.

  8. I also asked for a few extra pairs of mesh panties.(ah- i just said panties!) Because after a c-section they are a MUST. Also when/if you have a boy take all the vasiline you can get your hands on!! You will need that for his little circ and the hospital kind is squeezable!
    Great list Megan. Totally agree.

  9. NASAL ASPIRATORS for sure!!! Dave has searched high and low for one like ours from the hospital, but no luck. It's the best!!

  10. Thank you for this post!! I've heard a few of these but it's good to have a whole list together!!

  11. If Harper still loves the Green Pacis from the hospital I have tons of them. The NICU loaded us up big time with all kinds of goodies to bring home and B quit taking the green ones after a while.


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