Monday, February 13

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I will be partying hard with my 4th graders...Oh me oh my! :)  H is with my Mom Tuesday, so if it's not too cold, she's going to bring her to the party! Yay! My students will be super excited!!

Can't help but laugh...this time last year, we were giving out these little goodies telling our close friends and family that we were expecting!

This year, Harper sent out her own little card to some of her little buddies! {thanks for the free cards, Shutterfly!}

Hugs All Over Valentine's Card
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I think we're just going to celebrate at home ~ all 3 of us! I'm excited. :) We are giving Harper Sophie the Giraffe as her little Vday gift.

Hope you have a silly-fun day!


  1. Hi Megan, my friend Andrea follows your blog. Random question: what font are you using for your blog posts? I cannot find one like it! Thanks so much! Your blog is adorable!!

  2. Cute way of sharing your news! BTW, I made the footprint heart canvas for Valentine's Day and I'll post a picture of it on my blog sometime this week. Thanks again for the idea!

  3. What a cute way of sharing the news!!!! Your blog is adorable!!!

  4. How cute! I remember being in fourth grade on Valentine's Day. SO fun!!

  5. What a fun way to share your news!! Such a difference a year makes. :)


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