Friday, February 10

Text Photo LOVE is going away...Picnik :( Anyone else so upset over this?! I cannot believe it! But, I made this little gem on that site a bit ago and it was so easy and fun!

You could do so many things with this and then print on canvas or just a large photo and frame! Holidays? Birthdays? You name it! But do it quick before April when Picnik goes away!

Once you are on the site, go to the collage button.  Then choose 1 photo and get your background color. Next, go to the fonts and you can type different words in different fonts and rotate as you see fit! So easy! :)

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  1. I was sad to hear it was going away too! I did all my weekly belly shots in Picnik. I made one of those word collages too, but didn't realize you could do it in that program - that looks really cute!

  2. I love Picnik and am so sad that they're doing away with it

  3. Too cute! I made one for my son's first birthday.. I did a picture from his 12 month pictures and then all the things he loves at one year. It turned out cute, but when I printed it it wouldn't print correctly. Do you know the dimensions for the different sizes?

  4. I was crushed when I found out about pincik!! Like I will be lost forever without it!


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