Thursday, February 9

Book Exchange!

I'm participating with Emily in this great Book Exchange!

It sounds like so much fun! You send only ONE book, and your child will receive 36 books!! How fun is that?!

I just need 6 people to participate with me! If you'd like to, just email me at and I will send you the details.

If you don't have children, that's ok! Get this as a baby shower gift for someone or for your classroom library!

Won't it be fun for you {or your child} to receive some favorite books in the mail?!

I just sent Harper's current favorite book out {my person had a daughter the same age} through Amazon. It was cheap and it will be sent quickly!

You should receive your books in about 2 weeks if your letter goes out right away.

Anyways, I'd love it if you'd participate with me!


  1. I did this same book exchange a few months ago when Emily was brand new. I sent my book out and didn't get any in return. It was such a disappointment!

  2. What a fun idea, I'll have to check it out too! Book swaps sounds fun!


  3. I've heard of this and love the idea! How fun :)


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