Wednesday, February 8

Cool New Blog

I randomly ran across a really neat blog and had to share with you all!

I've been looking for a while for a few core verses that I want to pray on a daily basis for Harper. I'd love to say that I just opened my Bible and they came to me...but they disn't. So, instead, I went to Google like I do for everything.  I typed in several things I want Harper to learn from an early age on.  These obviously will change many times in her life, but I'm just looking for those core things to pray over her daily like: peace, joy, fullfillment, and beauty through Christ. Oh my, the beauty. It is such a scary time in our world for children, but I just have this worry for girls. Maybe because of the grade I teach and I see the girls are aware of way too many things already and it's just scary.
{you can see the one I made for Harper here. email me if you'd like a copy}

Anyways, while Googling, I came across this blog - When You Rise.

The first post that was on the page was about infertility.  Although this is not something I have dealt with personally, this is something that holds an incredibly large place in my heart. It's something that has weighed on me for several years and something that I'm very sensitive to. I just loved this open and honest post.

Then, I started looking around at older posts and her different pages. It's like I couldn't get enough! This Mom is so honest! She's not one of those horrific make-you-feel-bad-because-you-aren't-perfect Moms, she tells it like it is, all the bad and good, with some pretty good insight to go along with it.

Some awesome ideas about parenting can be found here. She has free printables to help little ones learn the Bible {I love the book she uses, thanks Maegan for getting it for Harper!}, a theme page for Gospels that you could really just run wild with a toddler for learning! I am totally obsessed with her Creation Day unit and will be bookmarking that for when Harper is a toddler to do in the summers. I also love her Teaching Your Child to Pray printables.  A recent post of hers fell right in my lap of what I was feeling that day - the Comparison game.

Anyways, I thought some of my readers may be interested in reading her blog, so go check it out and tell her I sent you! :)


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