Tuesday, February 7

Our Weekend!

We had a super fun weekend! No sickness! Yay!

Friday night and Saturday morning we ventured to the mall. Of course not meaning to... we bought Harper a couple of cute new clothes and a pair of sunglasses to put in her Easter basket! We also have been looking for new family room furniture...but nothing suits what I'm looking for in my price range! Boo!
blurry photo from Mall night!
We enjoyed a family brunch at Joseph-Beth Cafe and then ran a few more errands. We ended the night out eating appetizers and watching the UK game. Harper was fabulous!

Sunday we went to church and hung out with my family before going over to a friend's house for the Super Bowl.  It was so much fun! The guys all went to college and were in the same fraternity together and I knew the girls from college, too. They all had little girls, so it was so cute seeing these once crazy guys love on their little babies! :) It was also awesome to be around those women on Sunday night who are all working Mommas and doing wonderful things with their families. Sometimes {ok, a lot of the time} I get down on myself that I'm not staying at home, but the convos with these ladies was just what I needed! Thank you! :)
I made Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls from this site - it was a hit and super easy! Will be making again soon!

sweet Kari holding Harper with her beautiful daughter, Elyn
Luckily, Sunday Night Blues didn't have to hit me! I took off Monday to take H for her 4 month check-up and shots! Daddy got to come, too! Harper was wonderful at the appointment but she felt miserable after her shots for pretty much the rest of the day. So sad!
I'm updating her 4 Month Post, but here are her stats:
Weight: 13lbs. (28%), Height: 24 1/2in. (50%) ~ my girl is long and lean! haha!! I got nervous I wasn't feeding her enough, but the doc said it was completely fine and she might just be on the smaller side.  We are going to try and start fazing off the Alimentum so that the doctor can see if it was just her colic or if she truly has a milk allergy! I'm a little scared!! But, so, so thankful she is healthy and progressing wonderfully!
Hope you had a fabulous weekend as well! I'm looking forward to a short week and having my student teacher's first Solo Day this week! :) I also get a date night with my hubby tonight!! We haven't had one since we had to come home early and get H after she wouldn't stop crying!! Fingers crossed she'll let Mommy & Daddy have a much needed dinner out together!!


  1. Yay for a healthy and growing baby! Gracie has always been a little on the small side too, but you would never know by looking at her cheeks! haha. I am dying over how cute her Uggs are!

  2. Her little outfits are so cute! =)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I love her bow! And our little peanut is on the small side too. Nothing wrong with a little baby! :)

  4. sounds delightful!
    I did not know Kari and Robbie had a baby! She is a doll. How much fun. We had a frat bro super bowl party at our house too! :)
    She is growing bigger & so so cute!


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