Friday, February 24

Love, Chelsea Kay Bow Give-Away WINNER!

Ladies, this was SO much fun!! Thank you all for playing in the Love, Chelsea Kay Etsy Shop Give-Away! Your comments on the bows were so sweet, I'm sure Chelsea was thrilled! And, your comments on my little sweetie were so kind as well! Thank you!

With the give-away, I had 22 comments.  Then Leisha {23,24}, cdc {25,26}, and Abby {27,28} shared it to Facebook/Pinterest, so they received 2 more entries each on the back end. {just wanted you all to know I did this fairly- that's how I got 28 in all!!}

Using WINNER is...

Leisha    Feb 18, 2012 08:43 AM

I shared it on FB

This comment got her the 24th spot! Woo Hoo!!

**Leisha, email me at and I'll get you in contact with Chelsea!

Thanks again everyone for playing!! These bows are SO adorable!! :)


Thanks for taking the time to comment! I love hearing positive comments from you!


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