Thursday, February 23

Our Weekend/Week/Weekend!

Gahh! This post has been hard to write!! So, I'm going to be super random and get everything out there in one {long} post so I will remember! :) Feel free to not read it all! haha

First off, Check out Jen's Pearly Wisdom where some of my comments were featured with some baby must-haves!! Check it out here.

Ok, so this past weekend was awesome! Hubby and I had 3 days off with our little baby and it was so nice! Sundays are so much more enjoyable when you know you have Monday off! What did we do with our weekend?! Well, we shopped more for furniture{we are re-doing the family room! wahoo!}, ate out a ton with friends and family, and had my Mom's birthday! It was great. I just love this time with Harper. She's so easy going and loves to get out and 'explore'.  I get a little giddy each time someone compliments her ;).

Go UK!

LOVES books! Anyone received any books yet from the exchange?!?

bundled up at the restaurant!
about to go furniture shopping!

Saul Good for GG's Birthday

I also cleaned out and organized Harper's closet. It was SO sad. I told B he had to do it next. I'm usually the worst at remembering things, but each little outfit I pulled out of H's closet; I could remember what point in my pregnancy I bought it or who gave it to her and when she wore each outfit and pj! It was hard on this little Momma to pack up the NB and 0-3months outfits.  They are so sweet and tiny. I laid a few next to H as she was watching me {mind you, it was 6am on Saturday morning while we were doing this!} and she looked like a giant compared to those clothes! We also shopped a little more and bought H some more clothes for her newly spaced-out closet! HAHA

i can put this little organizer away :(
We've also been putting H in her high-chair while we eat dinner! It's working perfectly!! We stuff blankets on the sides so she sits up better, but I think she appreciates it being able to be eye-level with us!

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  1. My fav pic is you and Harper reading! It's one of the most special times GG and I have together! Wait until she can start reading with you...then it's even MORE fun! :)

  2. It breaks my heart a little bit too each time I have to put clothes away that Chloe has outgrown. :( Glad you had a nice long weekend as a whole family!


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