Saturday, March 31

6 Months of Harper Lovin'

My baby girl turned half a year old on March 29, 2012. I cannot believe it! It feels like yesterday I was giving birth to her!!  Each day I fall more and more in love with my daughter. I am not sure that she will ever understand the joy she brings to our lives and the contentment we feel in her.  I think the best part of Harper lately has been able to see how much she loves us back!  The way she watches us, interacts with us, etc., it's just amazing!
Weight: 15lbs, 5 oz (40%) she's doubled her birth weight now! We are excited she moved from the 29% to 40% within 2 months!

Height: 26 inches

Sizes: size 2 diapers, Wears some 3 months clothes but getting into 3-6 month clothes more

Sleep: We've been in the crib for about 3 weeks now. It has not be a great transition, but better than we expected! At H's doctor appointment she told us NO MORE SWADDLE. So, we've tried it for 2 nights and it is going ok! She does go to sleep with her 'Raffi going and with a little bit of a rock!  We are working on her sleeping through the night. We aren't there yet, but we have quit feeding her at night, so it's been helping. She's still taking several naps a day and we are working on getting her in her crib for those naps instead of holding her. At the sitter, of course, she naps perfectly in the pack'n'play! ha!

New Tricks: Well, I've already written that on her 5 month and 1 day birthday she began sitting up without help. She hasn't looked back since! She is able to balance herself on pretty much any surface or slant. It's so cool watching her play now! She also wiggles on her belly like she's going to crawl, but we aren't there yet! It will be soon! Harper also pulls herself up on her musical table and is able to lean and stand on her own! Such a strong girl!  She also loves to reach far for toys and grab them. She's got great hand-eye coordination. We've also been able to tell she is right-handed. She completely reaches for you know and it melts our hearts.  She also buries her head into our neck and we call that her way of kissing!  She also squeals SUPER loud and constantly mumbles! She is very good at mumbles these consonants: ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba.

New Toy love: Harper loves her sing-along picnic basket. She really enjoys pulling out the play food and putting it back in!  She also loves her musical table. She also loves to swing so we are excited to get her swing hung up at our house!

Eating: Harper is eating rice cereal like a champ!  She now eats one serving before her nighttime bottle and one during her 'breakfast' bottle. She has liked cereal since the first taste! She's pretty good at getting it all in her mouth! We will begin her on baby food this weekend!  She's been eating her cereal in her highchair only. We want to work on her knowing that when she's in the highchair, we are eating, so when she gets older it will be an easier transition to *hopefully* help her understand that is where you eat...not in front of the TV!

Personality:  We just can't get over her sweet and fun personality! She's SUCH a ham!! Totally gets that from her Daddy! :)  She PLAYS IT UP for complete strangers! She smiles constantly and is rarely fussy anymore.  For parents of a colic baby, you cannot imagine the joy this brings us! I was so, so worried she wasn't going to be a happy baby! So silly!  She is really not showing signs of being shy, but she does get separation anxiety a little when we are home and one of us walks away - but not going to the sitter! I guess she's used to it!  She's a great baby to tote around anywhere. This stage is nice because we can take her shopping, to stores, and out to eat and not have to worry about it.  She is just so intrigued by anything and everything. It is true amazement to see the world through her eyes!

Nicknames: H, Harpie, Harps, Ham Biscuit, Peas{her Daddy calls her this for Sweet Pea for short}, Stinks{joke}, babylove

BIG step:  Harper spent the night with her GG and GDaddy for the first time this month!! We celebrated our wedding anniversary (more to come on that) and we all 3 did great!

We celebrated her 6 month birthday by going to Puccini's and eating our favorite pizza! We tried Harper in the highchair in the restaurant for the first time. She thought it was great and was totally amusing herself {and others there! ha!}

Pictures are getting harder these days because she's going to do what she wants! haha!

H and Dottie @ 2 weeks...


  1. she is to cute. I cant believe she's 6 months already.

  2. Look at how much she's grown! Happy 6th months, Harper! :)

  3. Happy 6 months Harper! She is getting to be so big!!

  4. Happy half birthday!!! I love her 6 mo pics :) so pretty!!!

  5. Sweet little H is getting so big! She is just the cutest thing:) 6 months is such a fun age!

  6. What a cute little personality she is getting...and it shows in these pictures!! So adorable!!!

  7. What a sweet smile!! She's such an adorable baby girl!


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