Sunday, April 1

Happy Anniversary!

A little late with the post...but... Last week Hubby and I shared another great Wedding Anniversary!

We decided this would be it. The big event. The first time I would leave Harper all night.  Brian already had to do this when he went out of town on business, but I wasn't so sure about leaving her.  Honestly, before I had Harper, I would have NEVER thought it would have taken me 6 months to leave my baby girl. But, alas, to each is own.

So...Hubby wanted us to get out of town and do something but I just couldn't. I was too nervous that something might happen and I would be too far from her!  So, we decided to still make it adventurous and spend the night in a hotel!

My wonderful husband planned such a fun night out! 2nd Anniversary gifts are cotton, so he planned {a much needed} couples massage at our Hotel Spa {we had cotton robes...}. He then planned a taxi for us to get downtown to eat at Grey Goose - a place that isn't so easy to eat at with a baby! It was so very fun! I soo needed that massage and getting dressed up to go downtown was great! We spent the night just hanging out, taking our time to eat, enjoying our drinks, and then went out to a local bar. We wanted to stay for the live band but decided to head on back before it was too late, well because, this was our night to sleep through the night! Ha!

~I was super upset when we dropped H off. I had tears on the way to the hotel. But, I soon got out of it and my Mom sent me lots of picture texts per my request.  All in all, it was a great night. I knew she was in good hands! I think I could do it again! :)

getting in some extra snuggles

our second room...we moved due to a very loud party room next to us. we KNEW we would not be happy come sleepy time. these parents wanted SLEEP!

our suite!

love my sweet hubby!

March 27th, 2010


  1. Happy Anniversary.
    Kaylee had her first over night stay at 17 months & Keira has yet to have a sleepover. I would have cried too. Glad you had a good time though

  2. This sounds like a very nice (responsible:) way to celebrate right! What a night. Fun memories. Happy 2nd anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary! So glad the two of you got to get some sleep!

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a great night :)

  5. Happy anniversary! I agree, I'd probably stay close to home too (just in case). :) Bet you couldn't get enough snuggles when you got back home.

  6. Happy 2nd anniversary! Glad you got some sleep! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary to you! We still haven't left Jade overnight... so congrats to you on taking the plunge!

  8. Looks like you all had so much fun. :) You are such a great mommy and wifey. I've worked myself up to three nights away so far, but it's never easy. Trust that your sweet Harper is in good hands and remember how important it is for you two to be able to take some time out. I'm so glad you and Brian had some time together. We will always watch Harper if you ever need a date night! Seriously! All I will do is hold her and squeeze her and love on her!!! Trent and I are planning our 5 year anniversary trip this summer and I'm already getting nervous about being away for possibly a week! BUT, I have to remember how important this is for the two of us AND Collins. :) Love you Meg!


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