Monday, April 2

Cheesy Chicken Peppers {recipe}

Friends, I created a recipe! {I think!}

I'm trying to begin fixing healthier dinners...and we eat lots of chicken...but how many wraps can one woman eat?!
So...out came Cheesy Chicken Peppers!
What you need:
large red or green peppers- how many people you will be serving, each person gets one
chicken breast (I got the pre-cooked roasted chicken and then pulled it apart)
shredded cheddar cheese
tortilla chips
How to Make:
Cut off the top of the peppers and scrape out the insides. Wash again if needed to get the seeds out.
Cook and dice the chicken into very small pieces.
Pour 1/4 of salsa into the peppers.
Scoop in chicken, mixing in cheese throughout.
Top cheese on top of chicken.
Place on cookie sheet (or bread pan to help hold up the peppers) and put in oven - 350 degree for about 15 minutes or until cheese is melted.
Pour salsa on top of peppers. Place tortilla chips around the peppers and pour salsa over chips as well.

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