Wednesday, March 14

Hello Cereal!

Against my will...we started Gerber rice cereal on Sunday {March 11, 2012}
{I wanted to wait until 6 months, but sometimes plans go awry}

Well, I should say, we basically had to! Harper is just not sleeping through the night. She's getting up to eat, and it's about to kill us; we are so tired!!!  So after a looooooong Saturday night, I broke down and said we could try it.

I was super nervous about it...but...Harper seemed to really like it! She didn't try to spit it out, she kept reaching towards the spoon and getting a little impatient with me not going very fast!!

The first night, we saw no change. The second night she got up ONLY once {huge for her!} and Brian just turned on her noise giraffe and gave her a paci, and she slept until I woke her up in the morning!! The third night she woke up twice but gave paci/'Raffi and she went back to sleep.
So...she hasn't gone back to sleeping through the night, but she isn't waking up to eat; so hopefully we will get that straight sleep soon!! :)

Our new night schedule:
Rice Cereal around 7:30
Bath around 7:45
Bottle around 8:00
Bed between 8:15-8:30

Honestly, I HATE being on such a rigid schedule. I'd always said I'd try to not do that. But, alas, as I've learned in the past 5 months, you gotta do what you gotta do. And friends, this Momma will keep a rigid schedule for the next 15 years if it means I *might* see sleeping in my near future. :)


  1. It's so much fun when they start to eat solid food! I loved trying new flavors and seeing what was their favorites. Have fun with it and enjoy the extra sleep :)

  2. We have the same highchair!

    I hate the strict schedule too, but it works for us. We do deviate sometimes, but not if we can help it!

    Glad she liked the cereal, sounds like she was ready.

  3. Such a big girl. Hope that she starts sleeping through the night soon. She have a pretty strick schedule with our girls

  4. aww, she is growing up!! =) Hope she starts sleeping again at night. We had a schedule with G too and still do. It's way more lenient now though that she's older

  5. Look at that big girl in her high chair!! We have not brought those down yet. Soon!
    Looks like you are doing great momma.

  6. I need to get B on a schedule. He never goes to sleep easily, it's a wrestling match every night.

  7. She is precious! :)
    I love her name.
    Good luck with the schedule! I hear it can be rough.

  8. Emily eats cereal at night but still doesn't sleep on her own through the night. MUST try harder to put her down to sleep at night instead of keeping her with me to nurse her periodically in our half sleep state haha.

  9. Maybe you should not have had children since feeding them is such a burden. Lazy cow..

  10. your disgusting lazy mother... damaging your baby for life with processed food not fit for rats... hope that does not keep you up at night... do society a favor... get your tubes tide so you do not make anymore stupid formula fed dumbed down babies

  11. I do not know you at all but I stumbled across your blog a few months ago! You seem to be such a great mom! I don't see anywhere on here how you are a lazy mother or have made your little one look like a burden to you. Keep your head up. By the looks of Harper she looks like one very loved little girl!


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