Tuesday, March 6

Our First Snow Day!

Yes, yes, yes, I did post a few pics from the snow we got a little while ago...but Monday I got a REAL Snow Day off from school!!

This is my first official snow day with a baby! It kind of felt like I was on maternity leave again or like a 'free day' with my baby!

We had all kinds of fun today and I felt like I got so much accomplished as in housework!

H and I worked on cleaning the house particularly well today since Grammy is coming into town this weekend! We are excited for her visit!! I just know she is not going to believe how big H has gotten and all the new 'tricks' H can do!

Here's a look at our day through pics {we are trying new formula...she's spit up pretty much every hour...hence the onesie look we are now going with today!}:
a little toy hoarding...
her face looks so funny here!
Daddy came home for lunch! He never does that!
loves her LuLu rocker!
fun in the jumperoo...just doesn't get the jumping part!

we had 5 inches!

So thankful for an extra H day! :)


  1. We put Keira on soy formula because on regular formula she would throw up all the time. Once we switched her to soy no more throwing up. She is such a doll, I love her cute little smile

  2. I love the pictures of her in the snowsuit! She has a beautiful smile and always looks so happy:) Glad you enjoyed your day!

  3. she is so cute:) :) glad you got a day off!

  4. She looks adorable in her snow outfit! We have a similar rocker, the princess carriage, and I can't wait for Chloe to get a little older and enjoy it more. Glad you had a great snow day!

  5. i love the close up of her smiling in her snowsuit! so presh!! i love a free day at home!!

  6. She looks so adorable in her snowsuit!


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