Sunday, March 4

The SURPRISE was on US!

Last week, my team teach called me after her doctor's appointment {on a Thursday, I think!} and told me she was going to be going on bedrest on the following Friday. WHOOPS! It's about a month ahead of her due date, but she's preggo with TWINS {!!} so we were thinking this could happen. Anywho...I was planning on having her a little Sprinkle with our teacher group, but, I didn't realize it was already time to have it! Luckily, we were all able to get together on the following Monday. Mary; however, had no idea!

So.... Here she is walking into her Surprise Sprinkle!! Except...the SURPRISE was on US!!!! Mary started having contractions on the way over to my house...figuring out she was in labor!!!!!

Needless to say...the sprinkle went a little differently than we had planned. But we were so excited to be there for her! Mary called her hubby and he brought over their 2 year old, Gabriella. We watched Gabriella Grace until her grandparents could come pick her up. Seriously, she is 2 years old and she was just as comfortable as anything with her parents leaving and staying at my house! Amazing!!!

Here's a few pics from the Sprinkle:

made this on the Keep Calm fun!

cookies for the twins!

"milk and cookies" theme

carriage straws - made from my Cricut!


"devotional diapers - for the busy Mom" cute idea I found...put bible verses inside diapers as a little 'pick me up' for those late nights!


Maegan and her school milk! haha

Sara and Harper

baby kisses with Collins and Harper

holding hands :)

Gabriella's here!

on their way to the hospital!

Gabriella and Harper playing!
Update: Mary was in the Hospital for 4 days, but they've stopped her contractions so she's now on bedrest at home. Please pray for her sweet babies ~ Marielle and Genevieve! They need to cook just a little bit longer!


Other Showers this past week:

So what do you get your friends when they tell you they are pregnant...but it's too early to know the gender?

I feel like you should get something for the Mama...because you know when that baby starts growing and then's allll about the baby!
So, here's a very simple little gift with some of my favorite "newly preggo" items in it I'm giving to a friend.
I made this little picture and stuck it on a bag. I included Preggie Pops, Cocoa Butter Lotion and cream, and a chocolate bar!

Ya'll are going to love me when I show you where I made my "Keep Calm and Baby On" poster!!! I created it on this site. You can type in anything you want AND make your own background and text colors!! How neat, right? Oh man, I'll be using this site a lot in the future I think! :)

I've also been to 3 showers in about a week! Two for little girls both being named Stella and one for a little boy, Jonathan! The showers were all so cute and fun! Unfortunatly I didn't take any pics. :(

For the first Stella, I made her a hospital door wreath, a personalized medical box filled with goodies {i felt like this was the stuff B was running out to get late at night}, and a little pink tin filled with my favorite girl gifts - a Little English prima outfit, monogrammed paci clip, Bunny By the Bay, and polka dot leggings!
For the next Stella I gave a cute S Mudpie outfit. It's her third child, but first girl! She was excited about all the frill and bows!

And for little Jonathan, I gave his Mom more of a gift, my love, the cushy handle for the carseat! Except they are cooler now because the arm cushion unrolls to a playmat! How perfect!!

Wrap & Roll™ Infant Carrier Arm Pad & Tummy Time Mat in Avocado Damask & Sage Minky Dot

What are your favorite shower gifts to give?!


  1. Wow, what a trooper she was! Glad to hear they were able to get the contractions to stop though and give those babies some more time to cook. We got that same Mudpie outfit as a gift for Chloe and I can't wait for her to wear it this spring. I LOVE the colors!!

  2. I am so glad they were able to stop your friend's contractions, how scary! It's amazing how much new stuff there is for babies now just from a year ago when I had G. Makes me want another one, almost =)

  3. Oh wow! I hope your friend is doing well!

  4. Would you do a post with the items you put in the medical box?? I would love to know what things you felt like you needed but didn't have.

    Just trying to get prepared for our little one! :)

  5. WOW! What an eventful shower!!! Made for an exciting day I'm sure! Glad to hear they were able to stop your friends contractions. :)


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