Monday, March 26


I am beyond floored by the comments left on my blog, the emails I've received, and the FB messages that have occurred.  I cannot even begin to tell you how inspiring and motivating you all are. Seriously!

I think the comments really hit a note with me because they happened on a bad day when I was already down. I took the positive comments to heart and have read them several times over again. 

I had said in the last 2 years that in my New Year's Goals, I wanted to make sure that this blog served a purpose. Not only to document our life and now our daughter's life, but to also hold some type of meaningful purpose for others.  Some of the comments or emails I've received regarding the appreciation of honesty and faith brought me to tears - but the good kind this time!

I've taken the advice and have put a moderation on my comments {because the Anonymous was back for more :( }.  I think I have it set so that you much have an ID and I hope this will work. If it causes more work for you all to comment, please don't worry about it! I know a lot of times I want to comment on a lot of blogs, but I'm reading from my phone and it's just too hard to go through all those passcodes and such.

I'd love to host a give-away as a thanks for all of you taking the time to comment and send positive thoughts and prayers! Would anyone like their product featured? If so, email me at and we'll get it going soon!

For now, I'm going to relish in some more beautiful afternoons and get back to blogging soon.

Here's a little smile for my day~


  1. I just read the post down below with what happend. I wouldn't take it to heart. Just stinks that people have nothing better to do then make people feel low about themselves. Hope your doing better today, and don't worry about the baby weight.. it will come off. I am struggling with mine too.. I have 40 pounds to lose!! =(

    PS My milk never came in sooo... I guess my baby will be dumb too since he is formula fed.

  2. It's always so nice when you get such up lifting comment from your readers when your down. Such a cute picture of the little miss

  3. Oh she is precious! I'm glad that all of the comments helped brighten your day! I am so glad I found your blog!

  4. I'm behind on blogging so I had to go back to know what you were talking about! Girlfriend, you are such a good momma and Harper is obviously loved so don't worry about a mean comment or two from someone who doesn't even know you! Such a cute pic of miss H!

  5. That is seriously crazy. Makes me sad that someone is the mental place that allows them to even say such ugly and ignorant comments. Crazy I tell you. That person definitely needs some prayers sent their way. I can only imagine what their real life relationships are like. Glad you were able to experience the genuine support of friends and family though!

  6. Glad you're still blogging :) ANd i LOVE baby's skirt....just TOO cute!

  7. Harper is absolutely darling. I know her smiles, movements, gooing (talking) just melts your heart. Precious! You and Brian are so loving to her and she already adores her mom & dad! My generation appreciates your generation bringing up Godly children who will pass good morals on to the next...on and on....


Thanks for taking the time to comment! I love hearing positive comments from you!


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