Monday, April 30

{7 Lovin'}

How in the world do I have a seven month old?  This month is hitting me more than the 6th month did.  I think because I'm realizing she's closer to a year than to her birthing day.  WOW.  It's true. Time does fly.

This month has just been so great! I am seeing why lots of people have said to me that 5-9 months is their favorite stage.

Harper is so curious and adventurous! She just loves to look around and be in on the action!

April 29, 2012

Weight: we don't go to the doc this month, but according to our scale she is about 16 lbs

Diapers: size 2, size 3 at night

Clothes: 6 months, 6-9 months

Eating: she's eating baby food 3 times a day now, cereal twice a day
{Fav. foods: squash, bananas, carrots, peaches, everything really!}
Bottle: she's eating 6 ounces every 4 hours until the last night bottle, which she waits 5 hours to get

Sleep: YAYAYAY! Our baby girl is sleeping wonderfully through the night! She is in her crib and does not use a swaddle.  She goes to sleep with her 'Raffi (sound machine) and we put her down awake. Naps, well, we are working on those, but she takes 2-4 a day in her crib or in the car

Movement: She is not crawling yet, but it will be soon! She scoots around everywhere. Once she's on her knees, she uses her head to move instead of her hands! Doesn't get it quite yet! She can crawl backwards! HAHA  She also rolls and does an 'inchworm' move to get to something she really wants or puts her butt in the air and gets around like that.  Harper can get to a sitting position from on her belly or on her side.  She can also lean over and grab something and sit back up. Harper also LOVES to stand and can pull herself up onto a coffee table, music table, or ottoman. She is seriously a crazy climber.  Yes, scary! She will also crawl up your leg if you are standing and pull herself up. She loves to 'walk' and moves her feet perfectly if you are holding on to her hands. She'd much rather be standing or pulling herself up than sitting. Harper is also able to very easily pick up things with her hands and put them into her mouth. HA! No, but she has really good hand-eye coordination. We thought she was definitely right handed, but she picks up stuff equally with both hands as of right now.She's also figured out the Jumperoo and loves that thing!

Paci: At first, the girl loved her paci, but now she will only take it at night and at naps. We don't mind at all! She usually just chews on it and plays with it - putting it in and out of her mouth or tossing it and picking it up.

Fun Stuff: She is giggling so much at pretty much anything! Sometimes, we can't figure out why she is giggling! She also loves to squeal SUPER loud during bathtime and it's hilarious. Harper also goes everywhere in the front of a cart now! Hello, life made easier! She loves to shop at places where she can get inside her floppy seat cover and look around. She thinks it's so fun!  She also 'talks' non-stop. We have no idea what she's saying, of course, but she just babbles and dada's all over the place! Sometimes, it's pretty loud, but she's not screaming, just laughing and talking loudly! I see no more 'quiet' dinners in our future for a while! But that's ok! I'd rather her be happy and keep on talking!
*she also laughs with her ENTIRE face now! it's so different and hilarious!*

Bath: Harper is now in her own bathroom in her bathtub. She sits in the little 'seat'. She loves this so much more. She plays with lots of her bath toys and doesn't really like when it is time to get out!

{pictures are getting very hard! she'd rather climb over that chair than sit there!}


  1. Look that sweet girl! She's getting cuter and cuter everyday, Megan! Happy 7 months, Harper!

  2. Oh my gosh those little bloomers are adorable! I keep forgetting I have an outfit like that and I have yet to put Chloe in it. I must do that before she outgrows it!! The squealing and giggles are so fun to listen to, I don't think they could ever get old.

  3. Been following for a while, but just wanted to say that Harper is a cutie! She is always smiling!! And good for you getting her to sleep in her crib and no swadling!! I know that's a tuff transition!

  4. Harper is just adorable!! Love the picture with the sock monkey "holding" her!! :) SO cute!!

  5. I love the ones with the sock monkey's hands around her!

  6. Happy 7 months ! (and 5 days now) Harpie!:) i love these pics and that her and momma are both so happy :) :)

  7. What a cutie pie! What a blessing that she sleeps through the night and you goes down awake!!


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