Sunday, April 29

A 'free' Day

Up until this year, I would have NEVER taken off a day of work for no real reason. I mean, I usually don't even use my Personal Days (we get 3 a year) within a school year.  We don't receive any vacation time since we are off in the summer, but we can save sick days if we don't use them.  Well, I saved a TON of days over my 7 years of teaching, letting me be able to comfortably take off 3 full months with my sweet baby.  I went to school last year some days puking all throughout the day, but knew I needed to save those days for my time off.

Well here it is in late April.  I have a few days left that I strategically kept in case Harper or I got sick and needed to take days so that I wouldn't have to take days without pay.  A very wise friend at school, Liz, mentioned to me on more than one occasion, that to be able to be a working Mom, you'll need to take a day here or there and be with your baby to keep up your momentum for being a working Mom.  Well, I needed that today.  Luckily, Harper hasn't been sick enough for me to have to take off and I haven't either, so I have a few days left.

I decided to take a personal day off on Friday and be with my baby.  Boy, it has been just what I needed!  We've had a wonderful and happy day together! Each moment of feeding my baby, putting her down for her nap, playtime; I haven't taken for granted today!  I also took Harper up to see my Granny. She hasn't seen her since January and I knew she was just dying to see her again.  Harper luckily warmed up to her quickly and showed her sweet personality to Granny. She was soo excited.

love that little curl!

90 1/2 year old Granny - she looks good!

showing Granny what was in her basket!

It has been an awesome day and I feel so rejuvinated! I just love my baby girl and seeing her sweet smiles all day!

We even hit the park for a bit!

sun was in her eyes! whoops!

LOVES herself some water

I'd say Harper was a pretty happy girl to get an extra day with Mommy!


  1. What a perfect day!! I'm so glad you took the day off and spent it with your precious Harper!

  2. Glad you were able to have the day off.

  3. What a fun day you had with your little love, by the looks of it. And such great pictures of Harper with your Granny, pics to treasure always :)


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