Friday, April 27

I think it's time...

I put Harper down in her crib for nap.

About 10 minutes later I heard the mobile on.

I didn't turn it on.

Looked in the video monitor, couldn't see her.

Went in.

Harper was sitting up in the corner of her crib. She had somehow turned on the tiny button to the mobile and was batting at her friends dancing around in a circle.

Our little girl is a fan of pulling and climbing - thank goodness she hadn't climbed up and over that rail!

I think it's time to move the mattress down!

Seriously, when did she get so big, so adventurous, and so smart?!

how i found her. so proud of herself!

this tiny button! how did she know to push it up to turn it on???!!! so weird!


In the same day....
I put Harper in her pack'n'play. I left her view for maybe a minute. I turned around and saw her STANDING on the edge and looking over. Seriously?!?!?  Ok, it is SO time to move everything down!
My girl just got big overnight! She is just so curious!!


  1. Hahaha!! She does look very proud of herself! Smart girl! It's so crazy how fast they grow and learn!

  2. overnight.... it seriously happens overnight!!

  3. Hahaha! She is so cute!


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