Saturday, April 21

Another Weekend at Keeneland:)

Listen friends, our baby girl loves it and we do too! A win-win!!

Last weekend, my fabulous friends, Katharine and Andy came in this weekend and it was SO good seeing her. I just wish so much that she still lived here. We used to work together and became great friends.  She's just one of those awesome people you hope you have a chance to have in your life! Aggh, I wish you could move back!

We spent our Saturday at Keeneland with her, Sara, and Patrice from little burlew.  Abbott, Patrice's son, is 2 weeks older than Harper. It was neat seeing her interact with another baby her age - we've never seen that before! Basically, they stole each other's toys and Harper tried to grab Abbott's face. HA!

please take note of the horsey shoes! love them! thanks GG!

On Sunday we met Katharine, Andy, and Sara at Drake's.  We love Drake's, but we were not being smart that day! We forgot they only have super high table we improvised... Good thing our girl is tha bomb and just went with the flow all on her own. HA!

Then we finished off our weekend playing with GG and GDaddy and have a 'picnic' outside!

Thanks Great-Aunt Dorothy for the picnic is a favorite toy right now!


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Harper has the cutest clothes!!! That dress is precious and the hat is adorable!

  2. So much fun! I am cracking up over Harper in that high chair. I love it!

  3. Your daughter is adorable and I am loving that big floppy hat on her too!
    What a cute picnic basket :)

  4. She is always decked out in THE sweetest little outfits:) Cute as can be!

  5. loving the popped collar and fun bow at Keeneland!


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