Sunday, April 22

When I Fell In Love

Dear Harper,

I vividly remember the day I fell head-over-heels in love with you. 

Although I loved you more than anything while you were growing in my belly; it was a different kind of love.  I loved you while you were there, but I did not know you. I didn't know what you would look like. I didn't know how you would act. I don't think I could physically and emotionally understand the love I would feel for you.

The moment you were born, that love that I had felt for 9 months changed.  I loved you little baby.  I was in total amazement at you and still haven't figured out how something so beautiful and sweet could be formed inside me.  But Mommy was in a lot of pain so I couldn't enjoy all of you. Through the first month of 'getting to know you' and learning to be a Mommy, I loved you. I mean, you were mine. All mine.  And I loved every piece of you. More than I felt I could.

But the day I fell totally head over heels-no going back-no greater feeling than this was the day you turned one month old. 

I was taking your picture and trying to get you to smile as you had shown us several times before. You belted out this HUGE laugh and smile that completely covered your entire face.  I thought my heart might burst out of my chest.  I remember catching my breath and getting light on the knees.  I remember kneeling down beside the rocking chair you were in and thinking, oh my gosh I cannot believe this feeling.  Because like I said, I thought I had loved you when I was pregnant; I thought I had loved you when you were first born.  But the feeling of seeing you interact with me. So happy. So trusting. So loved. That's when I felt my heart had no more room in was going to burst! That was the true moment that I fell so hard in love with you that I truly never dreamed possible. 

Personally I don't think I ever would have imagined loving someone like I love you. I love your Daddy, but not like this. I love your GG and GDaddy, but not like this. I love your cuzzies and your auntie, but not like this.

Sweet Harper, I love you more than you will quite possibly ever know.

*and I just happened to get a photo of this moment...

The verse to the right of my blog; I added that the day we decided to begin the journey. I kept it on my blog because sometimes I wasn't too sure if it would happen. But He knows all in His timing.

Dear little Harper, you bring us so much joy each day. My heart is so filled with you. Thank you for letting us be your parents.

Love you peas,


  1. Oh my goodness.... this is precious! I honestly can't wait to experience this feelings with a baby of my own!!

  2. Absolutely precious!!! Love sweet moments like definitely makes your heart just melt!! :) God is SO good!! :)

  3. I am in tears! This is so sweet, Megan. The love you have for Harper is so evident!

    And I just love that verse..... it really is the perfect one to have around when you are (impatiently :)) waiting for a little one. I have found much comfort in it!

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet letter.... God is so good!

  4. So sweet. Such a happy baby, what a blessing she is!

  5. Such a sweet post! I feel like that all the time with Walker, the older he gets and each new thing he masters makes me feel short of breath and weak in the knees like you said. Isn't being a mommy such a wonderful gift from God!

  6. This was such a beautiful and heartwarming post for your sweet little daughter and it gave me goosebumps, but in a good way :)
    Enjoy every minute!

  7. Made me cry!!!! Such a special moment!

  8. What a sweet letter to Miss Harper! She will treasure it always. :)


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